Stun­ning head

Get pre­pared for fes­ti­val time with a unique beaded piece to wear, by Emma Guess.

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■ DMC Pe­tra 3 (100% cot­ton, 100g/280m), 1 ball of

Yarn A Black (5310)

■ Twil­ley’s Goldfin­ger­ing (80% vis­cose, 20% met­allised polyester, 25g/100m), 1 ball of

Yarn B An­tique Gold (4)

■ A 2.5 mm (US B/1 OR C/2) hook

■ 26 round beads

■ 9 teardrop beads

■ Sewing nee­dle that will pass

through beads while threaded For yarn stockists con­tact Wool Ware­house 01926 882818 www.wool­ware­


For a full list, see page 92


The Head­dress is made in two strips of beaded cro­chet, Part 1 and Part 2. Part 2 is joined half­way along Part 1. To add the beads, thread the round beads on your Black yarn in the or­der in which you would like them to ap­pear; the last bead you thread on will be the first bead you use in your piece. Use the beads from your gift with this is­sue to make this stun­ning head­dress. Its daz­zling com­bi­na­tion of juicy brights, el­e­gant black and glam­orous gold will make you the cen­tre of at­ten­tion!



Round 1 (WS) With Yarn A, ch2, *pull up bead to hook and ch1, pick­ing up the yarn on the other side of the bead to se­cure, ch2, 5htr in loop be­hind the bead, ss to 2nd ch from bead, 5htr in loop be­hind bead (on the other side to pre­vi­ously worked), ss to 2nd ch from bead, ch3; rep from * un­til you have a to­tal of 14 cir­cles with beads at the cen­tre, turn to RS.


Count 7 cir­cles from the start of Part 1, join Yarn A in the next ch-1 sp and re­peat Round 1 with the re­main­ing 12 beads. Fas­ten off and weave in ends.


Thread teardrop beads onto Yarn B in the or­der you wish them to ap­pear. Ev­ery time you are in­structed to add teardrop beads, re­place the dc in the ch-1 sp be­tween cir­cles with a ss, pull 3 teardrop beads up to the hook, ch1 us­ing the yarn af­ter the beads to se­cure, ss into the same ch-1.

Join Yarn B to the first ch of Round 1. Round 2 Dc in same ch, *in stitches of next cir­cle (dc in next st, 2dc in next st, dc in next st, 2dc in next st, dc in next st), dc in ch-1 Thread the ties through the end of the top piece and make a bow to se­cure it in place.

be­tween cir­cles; re­peat from * along one side of Part 1, adding teardrop beads af­ter 4 cir­cles, af­ter 3 cir­cles and af­ter 3 cir­cles. When you have com­pleted one side, re­peat Round 2 in­struc­tions along the other side of Part 1 with­out adding teardrop beads, fas­ten off.

Re­join Yarn B to Part 2 where it joins Part 1. Re­peat Round 2 along one side of Part 2. When you reach the end, ch5, ss in end of Part 2 and con­tinue pat­tern along the other side of Part 2.

Fas­ten off and weave in ends.


With Yarn A, join to one end of Part 1, ch61, ss in each st along chain, ss to base of ch. Fas­ten off.

Re­peat on other end of Part 1.


Thread each tie through loop at end of Part 1, then tie them to­gether.

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