Eleonora Tully’s sump­tu­ous and sum­mery ower shawl is a riot of colour and fun to hook.

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You’re never too old to be a flower girl with this fab­u­lous mo­tif shawl. Hooked up in Schop­pel’s multi-coloured yarn, Zauber­ball Crazy, the mo­tifs link into each other in an un­usual way, and it’ll be fun to hook. It’s light enough to fold down in your hand­bag or pop into a back­pack for fes­ti­val week­ends, too.


The Shawl is made up of 77 in­di­vid­ual Mo­tifs which are joined as you go. Start­ing with the first Mo­tif at the point of the Shawl, each sub­se­quent Mo­tif is joined to the Mo­tifs around it on Round 4b by work­ing the chains through the cor­re­spond­ing ch-9 spa­ces of the pre­vi­ous Mo­tifs. When join­ing the side of a Mo­tif to the Shawl it will be joined at 2 ad­ja­cent ch-9 sps for each Mo­tif. For ex­am­ple, when join­ing to 4 Mo­tifs on the Shawl you will make 8 joins.

Use the di­a­gram on page 94 when join­ing the Mo­tifs.


Ch4, ss to first ch to form a ring.

Round 1 (RS) Ch4 (counts as tr and ch1), (tr, ch1) 5 times into the ring, ss to 3rd ch from beg ch-4 to join. [6 tr and 6 ch-1 sps]

Round 2 *Ch5, ss in next ch-1 space, ch5, ss in next tr, rep from * 4 more times, ch5, ss in next ch-1 space, ch5, ss to base of beg ch-5. [12 ch-5 sps]

Round 3 Ss in next 3 ch, *ch7, ss in next ch-5 sp, rep from * 10 more times, ch7, ss to base of beg ch-7. [12 ch-7 sps]

Round 4a Ss in each of next 4 ch, *ch9, ss in next ch-7 space, rep from * 10 times, ch9, ss to base of beg ch-9. [12 ch-9 sps]

Fas­ten off.

Fol­low Round 4b for all sub­se­quent Mo­tifs after the first one.

Round 4b Ss in each of next 4 ch, *ch9, re­move loop from the hook, pull it through the ch-9 sp on the join­ing Mo­tif, place loop back on hook, ss in next ch-7 sp; re­peat from * to con­nect the Mo­tif as di­rected in the chart, (ch9, ss in next ch-7 sp) for all ch-sps not be­ing con­nected, ss to base of beg ch-9. [12 ch-9 sps]

Fas­ten off.


Weave in all ends and wet block to the mea­sure­ments given.

The flow­ers are joined as you go, each ad­ja­cent mo­tif join­ing over two ‘petals’.

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