Give your oor a thor­oughly mod­ern makeover with this om­bre-style rug by Esme Crick.

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Turn­ing cir­cles into hex­ies – who’d have thought? This soft, sturdy beauty is made up of chunky cot­ton cir­cle mo­tifs in com­ple­men­tary shades, in­di­vid­u­ally hooked, then sewn to­gether. Esme Crick’s sim­ple rug will look great in the lounge or even as a bath mat.


The Rug is made up of 61 Mo­tifs which are sewn to­gether at the end.


Make 24 Mo­tifs in Pine, 18 Mo­tifs in La­goon, 12 Mo­tifs in Spring and 7 Mo­tifs in Gris.

Ch8, ss into first ch to make a loop. Round 1 (RS) Ch1, 12dc into the loop, ss into first dc to join. [12 sts]

Round 2 Ch3 (counts as tr), tr in same st as join, 2tr in each st around, ss top of into beg ch-3 to join. [24 sts]

Fas­ten off and weave in the ends on the WS.

You may find it eas­ier to use a cro­chet hook when weav­ing in the ends. Re­peat Rounds 1-2 to make an­other 60 Mo­tifs.


Use stranded cot­ton to sew the Cir­cle Mo­tifs to­gether, us­ing the im­age as a guide.

The chunky Hoooked yarn and 10mm hook means th­ese mo­tifs hook up in no time.

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