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My first word was hello and my sec­ond, green. It leapfrogged into my vo­cab­u­lary early, lit­tle me sit­ting in my high­chair as Mum painted the kitchen so boldly, the word pass­ing be­tween us like a ball.

It was a bright green, moored by pale wood and large win­dows. A botan­i­cal har­mony that I’ve chased ever since, paint­ing stairs and cup­boards and bed­rooms. Look­ing back I can now see where my love (or let’s ad­mit it, greed­i­ness) for colour be­gan.

Green is a colour that sweeps through na­ture from the del­i­cate shades of pea, grass and moss to the emer­ald depths of the jun­gle and the dark heart of a for­est. It is the one fam­ily where the ma­jor­ity of its hues are named for the nat­u­ral world, and the colour we use when we want to bring the out­side in.

With tones warmer than blue and more so­phis­ti­cated than yel­low, I use it as a ready an­swer. For ex­am­ple, what colour dress should I wear? Green. What colour shoes should I buy? Green. What colour should this vel­vet sofa be? Green. It is a prin­ci­ple to dress by, cre­ate by, live life by.


Green eyes are an op­ti­cal il­lu­sion due to the pig­men­ta­tion of the iris and its in­ter­ac­tion with the way blue light scat­ters across it.

Green di­a­monds are very rare. Ex­po­sure to ra­di­a­tion as they de­velop causes the hue. The largest known green di­a­mond, the Aurora Green, sold for $16.8 mil­lion (US) in 2016.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was dressed in dark green, which rep­re­sented pros­per­ity and the mer­chant class of the pe­riod.

Ac­cord­ing to a NASA study in 1989, house­plants are so ef­fec­tive at re­mov­ing pol­lu­tants from the air, that some sci­en­tists say they are bet­ter than air pu­ri­fiers.

Rain­for­est shades – Pe­ony Pink, Ama­zon, For­est, Green Beryl.

A green vel­vet chair is the stuff of dreams!

Is this eye green or is it an il­lu­sion?

Pas­tel tones take com­ple­men­tary shades to a new level!


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