Win­ter doesn’t stand a chance with Fran Mor­gan’s chunky bob­ble jumper, hooked up in warm­est wool

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■ Novita Nordic Wool (100% wool, 50g/155m):

Rock (048) Pomegranate (532)

Off White (010)

Petrol (184)

See ta­ble for yarn quan­ti­ties and measurements

■ A 4mm (US G/6) hook

For the yarn, visit John Lewis stores or or­der from www.john­


16 sts and 8 rows to mea­sure 10x10cm (4x4in) over tre­ble cro­chet (with­out colourwork) us­ing a 4mm hook

17 sts and 8 rows to mea­sure 10x10cm (4x4in) over colourwork pat­tern worked in tre­ble cro­chet, us­ing a 4mm hook


puff stitch (shown as P on the Chart) (Yrh, in­sert hook in st in­di­cated, yrh and pull up loop) 3 times, yrh and draw through all loops on hook

For a full list, see page 92 Go all out with this snug, soft and sturdy num­ber, hooked up in four gor­geous shades of pure wool and us­ing a clas­sic shape up­dated with a bishop sleeve. Pick your size for a comfy fit or go a size big­ger for full-on re­lax­ation mode.


The Jumper is worked in one piece from the bottom up to the arm­holes, turn­ing at the end of ev­ery round. It is di­vided into front and back at the arm­holes and worked in rows back and forth from this point. Sleeves are worked in the round from the top down, turn­ing at the end of ev­ery round.

The pat­tern for the colourwork sec­tion is shown on the Chart on the page op­po­site. Stitches are in­creased be­fore the colourwork to al­low for a tighter tension over this sec­tion. The mea­sure­ment given for the bust is taken us­ing the tension and stitch count of the colourwork sec­tion.



With a 4mm hook and Rock, ch168 (184: 200: 216), ss to first ch to join into the round, be­ing care­ful not to twist.

Round 1 (RS) Ch3 (counts as first tr through­out), tr in each st around, ss to top of beg ch-3, turn. [168 (184: 200: 216) sts] Re­peat Round 1 un­til work mea­sures 29 (31: 33: 35)cm end­ing with a RS round. Next round (WS) Ch3, 19 (21: 23: 25) tr, 2tr in next st, *20 (22: 24: 26) tr, 2tr in next st; rep from * 6 times more, ss to top of beg ch-3, turn. [176 (192: 208: 224) sts]


On the Chart, each square rep­re­sents 1 tre­ble stitch, ex­cept for the cen­tral stitch of each di­a­mond marked with P for puff stitch (see abbreviations). All RS rows are read from right to left and WS rows from left to right. Change colour in the last yrh of the pre­vi­ous st, car­ry­ing the un­used colour across the back of the work. Twist the ends of the yarn to­gether to avoid a hole form­ing at the colour change. Re­peat the 8 sts in the Chart 22 (24: 26: 28) times to com­plete the round.

For the first 11 (11: 10: 9) rows of the Chart, con­tinue work­ing in the round, turn­ing at the end of each round.


On the next row, work 11 (12: 13: 14) re­peats of the Chart then turn to work back and forth in rows. At the same time, in­crease 1 st at each end of the row by work­ing 2 tr into the same stitch. Work these sts in Rock. These 2 ex­tra sts are not in­cluded on the Chart; they are added as a seam al­lowance. [90 (98: 106: 114) sts] For the Back, con­tinue work­ing back and forth in rows, fol­low­ing the colour changes on the Chart, un­til you have worked Row 27 on the Chart. Fas­ten off.

Re­join the yarn in the next un­worked st of the Front, mak­ing sure that you are work­ing from the same side as the first di­vided row on the Back, in­crease at each end of the first row as be­fore and con­tinue work­ing in rows fol­low­ing the Chart to match the Back. Fas­ten off.


With a 4mm hook and Rock, ch65 (68: 71: 75) sts, ss to first ch to join into the round, be­ing care­ful not to twist.

Round 1 (WS) Ch3 (counts as first tr through­out), tr in each st around, ss to top of beg ch-3, turn. [65 (68: 71: 75) sts]

Round 2 As Round 1.

Round 3 Ch2, tr in next st (counts as tr2­tog), tr in each st to end of round, ss to to top of first tr, turn. [64 (67: 70: 74) sts] Re­peat the last 3 rounds a fur­ther 8 times. [56 (59: 62: 66) sts].


Re­peat Round 3. [- (58: -: -) sts]


Cont with­out shap­ing un­til Sleeve mea­sures 40cm, end­ing with a WS row.


Worked from the RS through­out.

Round 1 (RS) Ch1 (does not count as st through­out), (dc2­tog) around, ss to first dc. [28 (29: 31: 33) sts]

Round 2 Ch1, dc in each st around, ss to first dc.

Rounds 3-5 Ch2 (counts as htr), htr in each st around, ss to top of beg ch-2.

Round 6 Ch1, dc in each st around, ss to first dc. Fas­ten off.


Sew to­gether at shoul­ders for 26 (30: 34: 38) sts on each side, leav­ing 36 sts open in the cen­tre for the neck­line.

Sew Sleeves evenly into arm­holes.


Join Rock in the first un­worked st on the Back neck­line with RS fac­ing.

Row 1 (RS) Ch2 (counts as htr through­out), htr in each st of the Back neck­line, turn.

Row 2 Ch2, htr in each st across. Fas­ten off. Turn down the cor­ners on each side of the Collar and sew the row ends to each side of the Front neck­line.

Fas­ten off and weave in all ends.

To make this pat­tern eas­ier to fol­low, we’ve colour-coded the siz­ing in­struc­tions – sim­ply fol­low the rel­e­vant column.

Width a: 52 (56.5: 61.5: 66)cm 20 (22 : 24 : 26)inLength b: 64 (66: 68: 70)cm25 (26: 26 : 27 )inSleeve Length c: 45 (45: 45: 45)cm 17 (17 : 17 : 17 )in

The sleeves are worked sep­a­rately, from the top down, so that you finish with the cuffs

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