How do I work stand­ing stitches?

Get ready to wave good­bye to turn­ing chains

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To start a new round or row, you can use a stand­ing stitch (in this case, a tre­ble) in­stead of a turn­ing chain. They’re easy, but a bit fid­dly to start with, so go slowly and keep prac­tis­ing. For our ex­am­ple, use a con­trast­ing colour for the sec­ond round. Step 1 Wrap the yarn around your mid­dle finger, as shown, with the tail end ap­prox 10cm from your finger. Try to ‘clamp’ the yarn in place be­tween your fin­gers.

Step 2 Keep­ing the yarn where it is, take your hook and move it around the work­ing end of the yarn twice.

Step 3 In­sert the hook into the stitch you want to work into – in our prac­tice piece, in­sert it into the top of any stitch on the lit­tle cir­cle you’ve al­ready made.

Step 4 From this point, the tre­ble stitch is pretty much cre­ated as usual, so work yrh…

Step 5 …and pull up a loop.

Step 6 Work yrh and pull through the first two loops. Step 7 Fi­nally, work yrh and pull through two loops – the last of these loops will just be a strand of yarn near­est the tail end ly­ing across the hook. Treat this strand like a loop and take the work­ing loop un­der it. Your stand­ing stitch is now com­plete, but keep hold of the yarn tail – that top loop is not se­cure yet.

Step 8 Make the next two stitches as usual – for our ex­am­ple, tre­ble in the same stitch, then tre­ble in the next stitch. Now you can let go of the tail end. You’ll see that the stand­ing stitch looks al­most iden­ti­cal to the other two stitches.

Step 9 Con­tinue your pat­tern as usual – for our ex­am­ple, 2tr in each stitch around. Use an in­vis­i­ble join to join the round, fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions on the pre­vi­ous page – you’ll cre­ate a nice loop over the top of the stand­ing stitch and will have cre­ated a per­fect cir­cle! Care­fully weave in the two tail ends at the back of the work.

Tip Fol­low Steps 1-9 to make a stand­ing ver­sion of any cro­chet stitch, vary­ing the num­ber of yrh you start with in Step 2.










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