Simply Crochet - - BABY BLANKET -

1 Check your yarn’s ball band for ad­vice on whether to dry, wet or steam block your item. To wet block, wash the item be­fore pin­ning. For dry and steam block­ing, pin out when dry. To pin out, lay the item flat on a towel over a blan­ket. 2 Us­ing long, rust-proof pins or block­ing wires, pin out to the mea­sure­ments in your pat­tern (check the schematic for gar­ments). Start at the cor­ners, then move evenly around the edges. You can re­po­si­tion pins if needed. 3 Place pins in­side the last row or round of stitches, not in the ac­tual stitches or you risk dis­tort­ing them. In­sert the pin’s point to­wards the cen­tre of the fab­ric, away from the edge, to bal­ance out the forces in­volved. 4 For wet block­ing, just leave to dry. To dry block, spritz with cold water and leave to dry. To steam block, hover a steam­ing iron over the fab­ric (don’t touch it) un­til damp, then leave to dry. Once dry, you can re­move the pins.

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