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Natalie Beard blew us all away on Granny Square Day with her ‘granny in a granny square’. Here’s its next evolution...


Since I was very little, I have always been a passionate crafter. But in recent years I’ve totally fallen for crochet! I love forming quirky characters, jewellery and home decoration­s with all types of yarn – it’s so versatile and I always use every last scrap of it so there is no waste.

Back in August I decided to take part in Simply Crochet ’s Granny Square Day 2019, as I had so loved being involved the previous year. I really wanted to design a square that was a little bit different this time. The evening before, an idea popped into my head; what if I created a granny square with an actual granny in it! It seemed such a fun and obvious thing to do!

So that is how my #grannyinag­rannysquar­e came about! I instantly received so much love for her, I was completely blown away! People immediatel­y began messaging me asking to make her – I was actually taken completely off guard as I hadn’t write any of the pattern I had created down – I have since learnt from this…

Soon after creating granny square, the cogs started to turn once more, and that’s where my #grannyouto­fagrannysq­uare design came from!

I always had my own granny in mind when designing both my #grannyinag­rannysquar­e and #grannyouto­fagrannysq­uare. My design floods my mind with happy memories of being at my grandparen­ts’ house, playing, and picking fruit and vegetables in their garden as a child.

I have a brand new project in the making too! This is based on my #grannyinag­rannysquar­e and will feature a new grampy square, along with other squares based on my memories of being at my grandparen­ts’ house. I’m so very excited to share this with you all later in the year!

I just love how you can create so much character from just a ball of yarn. It doesn’t have to be tricky – both my granny designs are made using simple stitches – double crochet, treble crochet and bobble stitch. It’s only in recent years that I’ve discovered my passion for crochet, it’s my little bit of daily therapy. I am always learning with crochet, this journey is an endless happy adventure and I’m loving every moment of it! See Natalie’s wall owers on page 14. To create your own granny, Natalie’s patterns can be purchased via her Instagram account: @sewing_the_seeds_of_love

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