Simply Knitting - - Yoke Jumper -

Th­ese im­ages show what hap­pens to the yarn that you carry over on the wrong side of the work. Work a stitch in the first colour as usual. To change colour, twist the two yarns to­gether be­fore work­ing the next stitch.

Work the next stitch in the new colour as nor­mal. When work­ing al­ter­nat­ing stitches of two colours, try and keep an even ten­sion and do not pull the yarn too tight.

Change back to the orig­i­nal colour, not for­get­ting to twist the two yarns to­gether be­fore you work the stitch.

A com­pleted row shows the yarn ‘floats’ car­ried across the back of the work. If you al­ways keep the floats of one colour above the other colour, your work will look neater.

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