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QI’d love to learn how to knit con­ti­nen­tal style. Can you tell me what’s di er­ent about it and how di cult it is to learn?

Cal­ista Dev­er­aux, via email

The main di er­ence be­tween con­ti­nen­tal style knit­ting and the stan­dard English knit­ting style is that you wind the yarn around the nee­dle us­ing the left hand in­stead of the right. It’s quite easy to knit us­ing the con­ti­nen­tal style but a lit­tle trick­ier to do purl stitches, and try­ing to do rib is tricky all round. But we’re big be­liev­ers in prac­tice makes per­fect and you’ll find a great tu­to­rial over on our web­site (www.the­yarn­­ti­cle/learn­how-to-knit-con­ti­nen­tal-style) which is sure to have you on the route to a fab­u­lous new knit­ting style in no time.

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