Simply Knitting - - Angel Tea Cosy -

1 Bring the row ends around to meet one an­other, to form a cir­cle. With a flat stitch, sew the row ends to­gether.

2 Put the Trum­pet End over the end of the Trum­pet and sew into place.

3 Pin the drawn-up end of the Trum­pet to the An­gel’s mouth. Pin the An­gel’s right hand on the Trum­pet about 2.5cm away from the mouth. Sew into place.

4 Push an 18cm length of a bam­boo skewer down the cen­tre of the Trum­pet and into the An­gel’s mouth and then push the skewer down­wards to­wards the An­gel’s Body so that the Trum­pet is el­e­vated in a pleas­ing way (re­mem­ber to keep hold of the skewer). 5 Once you have done this once, pull the skewer all the way out, and then put a blob of glue at the en­try hole and push the skewer in again so that the glue coats the skewer as it goes in. Set aside to dry.

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