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Dis­cover the ex­cit­ing tex­ures of six sheep breeds in our lat­est yarn round-up

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Made from the fleece of the Ja­cob breed from north­ern Eng­land and spun in York­shire, this yarn has a springy loft and slight halo, mak­ing it sur­pris­ingly light.

It knits up into a chunky, breath­able fab­ric and has a nat­u­rally ro­bust tex­ture. Knit it into big, cosy jumpers and wear it over other clothes and out­door gar­ments, or use it for ac­ces­sories such as bags and cush­ions.

It comes in just one shade: the nat­u­ral, undyed brown of the fleece has grey-brown flecks that give it a heath­ery look, adding in­ter­est. The twist is fairly loose so it will work well for use in felt­ing projects.

RRP £9.95 WEIGHT chunky BALL 100g/110m NEE­DLE 6-7mm CON­TENT 100% Ja­cob wool CARE Hand-wash only, dry flat Visit www.theknit­ting­gift­shop.co.uk or call 07528 812731 to buy this yarn.


Com­ing from the Doulton flock of the rare Bor­der Leicester breed, based in North York­shire, this ro­bust yarn is scoured, combed, carded and spun on site.

It has a medium twist, bouncy loft and a slight halo, giv­ing a good stitch def­i­ni­tion with just a touch of soft fuzzi­ness. The fab­ric has a won­der­ful drape, mak­ing it a great choice for cosy win­ter gar­ments.

There are 16 bril­liant shades to choose from, all rich and slightly muted. Our sam­ple is Salthome (above), but there’s also the won­der­ful Jer­vaulx (burnt or­ange) and Ap­ple­ton Wiske (lime green).


BALL 100g/220m NEE­DLE 4mm CON­TENT 100% Bor­der Leicester wool CARE Hand-wash only, dry flat Visit www.doul­ton­bor­der­le­ices­ter­yarn.com or call 07860 363742 to buy.


This adorably speck­led, 100% Merino yarn is made in Fin­land. It comes in a range of six un­der­stated var­ie­gated shades, each of which have a creamy base and are sprin­kled with pops of com­ple­men­tary colours (our sam­ple is pinky-pur­ply Cats­foot, above).

It’s a soft, light­weight yarn that knits into a gen­tly drap­ing, del­i­cate fab­ric. A top choice for baby and child knits, it’s also ideal for light ac­ces­sories, such as cardis, blan­kets and berets. Novita has a good se­lec­tion of pat­terns avail­able for it, too.

Pro­duced mulesing-free, this yarn is kind on skin and the sheep who pro­duce it.

RRP £5.50 WEIGHT 4ply

BALL 50g/230m NEE­DLE 3.25mm CON­TENT 100% Merino wool CARE Ma­chine wash at 30ºC, dry flat Visit www.john­lewis.com or call 03456 049049 to buy this yarn.


The fleece of the Rom­ney breed has a slight crimp that is dis­played won­der­fully in this loosely spun yarn. The 100% Bri­tish wool has a bouncy loft, slight halo and comes undyed in its nat­u­ral creamy colour.

The fab­ric it pro­duces is light­weight with a unique tex­ture, thanks to the crimped fleece. The stand-out stitch def­i­ni­tion is ideal for ca­bled win­ter gar­ments.

The yarn is spun from hand-se­lected, semi-lus­trous fleeces and is also avail­able in DK and chunky weights. Kits, such as the pop­u­lar Lit­tle Lamb Kit, are avail­able to knit the yarn into a se­lec­tion of ac­ces­sories.

RRP £8 WEIGHT aran

BALL 100g/108m NEE­DLE 5mm CON­TENT 100% Rom­ney wool CARE Hand-wash only, dry flat Visit www.rom­ney­marsh­wools.co.uk or call 01233 721800 to buy this yarn.


Made from the fleece of the Shet­land breed, and spun in Corn­wall, this yarn is springy with a medium twist, light loft and slight halo. It knits into a sturdy fab­ric with clear stitches. The range of six shades are all nat­u­ral, undyed and slightly flecked, giv­ing it a hint of a tweed e ect. They in­clude a creamy white, two greys, fawn, a medium brown called Moorit, and a rich dark brown.

It’s a fab­u­lous yarn for jumpers, cardi­gans and hats – clas­sic win­ter wool­lies, in other words. You’ll find sev­eral pat­terns on Blacker Yarns’ web­site (be­low), from pat­terned mit­tens to tex­tured jumpers.


BALL 50g/110m NEE­DLE 4mm CON­TENT 100% Shet­land wool CARE Hand-wash only, dry flat Visit www.black­er­yarns.co.uk or call 01566 777635 to buy this yarn.


Loosely spun from the Blue­faced Kerry Hill cross, this chunky rov­ing yarn is a must for your win­ter knits. It works up quickly into a soft fab­ric, with oo­dles of drape.

The ori­gins of this unique yarn come from the soft-han­dled Blue­faced Leicester and the dis­tinc­tively-marked Kerry Hill. In 11 calm­ing and uplift­ing shades, with two bonus marled op­tions, you’re spoiled for choice!

Ea­ger to cast on this sump­tu­ous yarn? WYS have re­leased a book of 12 beau­ti­ful home­wares, jumpers and ac­ces­sories by Ge­or­gia Far­rell. Cast on some­thing speedy, or re­lax with a longer pro­ject this win­ter.

RRP £6.50 WEIGHT chunky BALL 100g/140m NEE­DLE 6.5mm CON­TENT 100% Bri­tish wool CARE Hand-wash only, dry flat Visit www.wyspin­ners.com or call 01535 664500 for stock­ist de­tails.

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