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Q Please help! I’m find­ing it re­ally hard to get my front and back pieces to match up when sewing up my work. Does it mat­ter if they aren’t al­ways quite the same size or shape, or am I mak­ing an er­ror ear­lier on? Jes­sica Marsh, via email

Some­times this hap­pens if you don’t pin your gar­ment to­gether af­ter block­ing – it is so easy to just pull one side a lit­tle more than the other, leav­ing them look­ing like they are com­pletely di er­ent lengths. Get your­self some long pins with plas­tic ends and make sure you keep the knit­ting flat on the ta­ble or the floor. Pin your seams to­gether start­ing with the cast-on edges, then the cast-o edges, and put one pin in the mid­dle of the seam. Carry on like this un­til you’ve pinned all the seams with the pins about 1in apart. The pins will en­sure that each side matches up per­fectly be­fore you sew up the gar­ment. We sug­gest you use mat­tress stitch (be­low) to sew up your gar­ments, it cre­ates per­fect seams. Kirstie

Pin your seams care­fully be­fore you start sewing up your gar­ment

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