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Q How does the cast­ing on method you use a ect the fin­ished gar­ment? Which is the best one to use? Devla, via Face­book

There are many di er­ent cast-on meth­ods. The most pop­u­lar are cable (where you cre­ate a stitch be­tween stitches – it’s great for adding stitches within your work too); English, where you knit into each stitch to cre­ate a new stitch (knit into the back of the stitches on the next row to cre­ate a firm edge); cro­chet, which will give you a neat cast-o look­ing edge, and thumb, where you wrap the yarn around your thumb and fore­fin­ger and ma­noeu­vre one nee­dle to cre­ate a stitch), which gives a tight, elas­tic cast-on edge. It’s a good idea to learn a few, though of­ten knit­ters find a method they like and stick to it! Faye

Cable cast on is one of the most pop­u­lar cast-on meth­ods

Thumb cast on is very quick and cre­ates a tight, elas­tic edge you’ll love

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