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New en­trepreneurs on the block – but no strangers to knit­ting – Ruby Lee and Alice Sleight share a pas­sion for great de­sign. Ruby is an elec­tri­cal en­gi­neer. Alice is a tex­tile de­signer. To­gether they have cre­ated Made & Worn, a busi­ness that helps ev­ery­one to get bet­ter re­sults. We chat­ted to founder Ruby and de­signer Alice on how they be­came kni­ta­holics, and why they feel com­bin­ing apps with hand knit­ting is the way for­ward.

“My Nan taught me to knit when I was around seven years old,” says Ruby. “I made a garter stitch scarf which turned into more of an hour­glass shape by the time I’d dropped stitches and done a few too many ac­ci­den­tal yarn overs! I picked up knit­ting se­ri­ously when I was com­mut­ing to Lon­don for my univer­sity place­ment; I wanted some­thing to do on the train.” Alice also learned the skill through a fam­ily mem­ber, knit­ting her way through univer­sity. As true knit­ting en­thu­si­asts, pas­sion­ate to keep the skill alive, the pair cre­ated Made & Worn to help knit­ters get the most sat­is­fac­tion from their projects – not just from the glory of wear­ing their newly fin­ished gar­ment, but from the en­joy­ment felt dur­ing the mak­ing of each and ev­ery stitch. “Af­ter all, are there any sweeter words for a knit­ter to hear than: ‘I love your sweater – where did you get it?’ – and to be able to an­swer this glo­ri­ous ques­tion with a sim­ple but mag­i­cal ‘Oh this? I made it my­self’?’” ex­plains Alice.

Made & Worn ul­ti­mately puts the fun back into knit­ting, mak­ing it pos­si­ble for ev­ery­one to be­come knitwear de­sign­ers with easy-to-fol­low in­struc­tions. “Made & Worn takes a pat­tern and adapts it to the knit­ter’s in­di­vid­ual nat­u­ral style and gauge, their cho­sen yarn and the wearer’s ex­act mea­sure­ments so that a per­fect fit is guar­an­teed at the end of the pro­ject. It also al­lows to­tal cus­tomi­sa­tion be­cause it’s pos­si­ble to cre­ate any item in any style – we al­ready have around 30,000 in­di­vid­ual com­bi­na­tions!” says Ruby. “It al­lows knit­ters to track their progress so they never miss a line or lose their place. It’s in­tu­itive, vis­ual and up­dates in real-time across mul­ti­ple de­vices so, no mat­ter where you are and whether you’re work­ing with phone, tablet or PC, the app knows ex­actly where you need to pick up again.”

So, how ex­actly does Made & Worn work? You start by go­ing to the web­site and choos­ing a pro­ject from a range of pat­terns. You can then ap­ply di er­ent knit­ting stitches and tex­tures to cre­ate a gar­ment that is unique to you. Pur­chase your pat­tern and add it to your per­sonal on­line li­brary so that you can re­visit it as many times as you like. When you’ve got your yarn and you’re ready to knit, in­put all your mea­sure­ments and work up a ten­sion swatch. This will al­low you to in­put your gauge to gen­er­ate your in­di­vid­ual pat­tern. Then, cast on and work through the easy-to-fol­low in­struc­tions which au­to­mat­i­cally save your progress as you go so you can pick up where you left o any­time, any­where.

“What we’ve de­vel­oped is unique and it’s born out of a love of knit­ting,” says Ruby. “I un­der­stand that some peo­ple might find it strange to com­bine tech­nol­ogy with a tra­di­tional craft but Made & Worn doesn’t take away any of the creativ­ity in­volved: con­versely, it adds to the cre­ative process by al­low­ing any­body to make some­thing that is to­tally unique to them.” Dis­cover more about this knit­ting ven­ture at www.made­and­

Ruby and Alice en­joy show­ing o their hand­knits – who doesn’t love a com­pli­ment?! This ver­sion of the Michen jumper uses lots of tex­ture Just log on to the site to see your de­signs Cre­ate this Iben drop shoul­der jumper in your choice of stitch pat­tern

In­put your ten­sion, then get your pat­tern row by row Choose your favourite colour com­bi­na­tions for the El­la­cott sweater, which is worked flat Made & Worn aims to help all knit­ters get sat­is­fac­tion from their fin­ishes

Get a per­fect fit with your ex­act ten­sion and mea­sure­ments

Ruby (left) and Alice, the brains be­hind Made & Worn

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