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Q There’s such an ar­ray of di er­ent kinds of nee­dles out there – metal, plas­tic, wood – it’s so con­fus­ing! Does it make any di er­ence which ones I use? Jane Tay­lor, via email It does make a di er­ence, Jane. For ex­am­ple, metal and plas­tic are more slip­pery than wood, which means there’s less fric­tion to a ect the move­ment of stitches. Begin­ners might find they have less con­trol of their stitches with metal nee­dles, whereas ex­pe­ri­enced knit­ters might pre­fer them be­cause they can work faster as stitches glide o the nee­dle more eas­ily. The smooth­ness of yarn is a fac­tor too, so for con­trol­ling stitches, you could try knit­ting silky yarns on wooden nee­dles and hairy yarns on metal or plas­tic. Also, metal is cold, whereas wood and plas­tic are warm, so they are bet­ter for any­one with is­sues with hand mo­bil­ity.

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