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LOUISE SMITH Fab knit designer and avid cat fanatic!


From raccoon keyrings to lavish Scandiinsp­ired blankets, Lou’s a dab hand!

First job of the day? A few rows of my WIP and checking whatever I’m blocking. I also have a habit of checking on my stash like an impatient gardener. It’s all still there…where I left it.

Mid-morning pick-me-up? Definitely sneaking in a few rows of knitting in between writing articles, proofing or saying hello to readers. That, and popping the kettle on for a hot cuppa.

Fave yarn to squish? I’m not one for favourites, as I change my mind so much, but I recently knitted a pair of chunky socks in Jo Storie’s BareFaced Knits yarn and the skeins were so squishable, and the socks super cosy and warm.

Evening knitting project? At the moment I’m bouncing between a pair of gingerbrea­d socks that my mum and I are knitting as a mini knitalong together, a cabled jumper for my lovely partner Rory and a test knit for designer Kolibri by Johanna – which is a beautiful jumper with a geometric ribbed design.

Clocking-o time? I’m not sure I have one! I’ll keep going until the work’s all done. It is a goal of mine to properly clock o at a reasonable time this year. Let’s see how that goes…

Discover more of Louise’s knits and designs @louise.elizabeth.smith on Instagram

 ??  ?? Lou’s raccoon keyring was a big knitting hit
Lou’s raccoon keyring was a big knitting hit
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