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RACHAEL PREST Our new technical editor is the perfect knitting all-rounder!


When not knitting, you can find Rachael dyeing, spinning or weaving her yarns

First job of the day? As soon as I wake up, before I do anything else, I grab my notebook and write a couple of pages of stream of consciousn­ess. It helps get all my anxieties, worries and negative thoughts out of my head, and I’ve found it really helps clear my mind. Mid-morning pick-me-up? A nice cup of tea and a dark chocolate digestive. Fave lunchtime yarn squish? I’ve just taken delivery of a new BFL/Alpaca Aran yarn for my Cat and Sparrow shop and it’s soooo soft, squishy and smells gloriously sheepy too. Evening knitting project? Something that I can just mindlessly knit while watching ‘Schitt’s Creek’. I’m knitting An Caitin Beag’s 100 Words for Rain Shawl right now and it’s perfect. It interests my mind while not being too challengin­g. Crafty plans for the weekend? I’m going to do the Stephen West MKAL this year – I always do it, and it’s a joy – so I’m spinning the yarn for that! Rachael’s shop is at www.catandspar­

 ?? ?? Rachael always finds time for all her crafts
Rachael always finds time for all her crafts
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