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I always have a crochet hook close by in case of dropped stitches. When using DPNs for socks, I have a gadget that is elastic with beads and a little cup at each end, so the ends of my needles can fit when not in use and I don’t lose them.

Doreen Beach, via Facebook I use a row counter from SK and keep a pen and pencil at hand for notes. I also have a pouch with sewing-up needles, scissors and tape measure.

Patricia Lyons, via Facebook The one tool I always use is a magnetic necklace. It holds my sewing needles and stitch markers, and hangs from my light.

Suzanne Elizabeth Jones, via Facebook A cable needle is absolutely the easiest way to pick up dropped stitches.

Suzanne Hammerton, via Facebook I have a magnetic board with long strips to use when following charts.

Sally-Ann Hughes, via Facebook I have mini crochet hooks that came free with SK, plus there is usually a cable needle stuck in my hair (if I remember where I put it) and sticky notes for keeping track of my patterns.

Mary Cosgrove, via Facebook

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