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Q I’ve seen a lovely Christmass­y pattern I’d like to make, but it includes beads. I love the e ect especially for this time of year but I’ve never knitted with beads before. I’m a fairly experience­d knitter, but would welcome any tips for this technique. Rachel Jones, Abergele

Knitting with beads is fairly easy – you just need to make some preparatio­ns in advance. First, thread all the beads you’re going to use on to your yarn before you begin. Check the amount you need with the pattern you’re using and if you need two balls then split the beads in half. It will state in the pattern when each bead needs to be added. Knit the stitch as normal, slipping the bead up to the back of the knitting, and as you knit the stitch bring the bead through to the front of the knitting and finish the stitch. The bead will stay in place once the stitch is completed.

This elegant top by Amanda Jones from issue 142 shows o the stunning e ects you can achieve by using just a few beads to highlight some simple lace. And Christmas designs are always a fun way to combine a bit of texture and sparkle with your knitting! Jen

 ?? ?? It’s easy to add a sparkle to your knits with just a few beads!
It’s easy to add a sparkle to your knits with just a few beads!

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