Simply Knitting


Use our easy-to-follow hints and tips for the perfect finish



Place your knitted pieces RS up side by side. Thread your yarn on to a needle, anchor the end and weave along an edge to your start point. Working from back to front, push your needle up between the first and second stitches of the left piece’s edge, then insert the needle down between the first two stitches of the right piece’s edge (on the equivalent row). Moving upwards, bring the needle back up on the right piece, scooping up the bar that lies at the back of the stitch. Return to the opposite piece and repeat.


Pin your two pieces together and secure your sewing yarn tail a stitch length to the right of where you are starting. Now working from right to left, bring the needle up a couple of stitches away at . Take the needle down at and up again at and down at . Repeat this motion, keeping the stitches regular and ensuring you put the needle through the middle of each knitted stitch to avoid splitting the fabric.

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