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It’s hard to pin down but there’s some­thing spe­cial to the ex­pe­ri­ence of build­ing your own gaming com­puter. Re­search­ing, com­par­ing and sourcing the in­di­vid­ual parts. Bolt­ing it all to­gether and then hear­ing it hum to life for the first time makes for a mem­o­rable mo­ment. How­ever, as­suredly, it’s not an ex­pe­ri­ence for ev­ery­one. It can be ex­pen­sive and time con­sum­ing and does place un­in­tended de­mands on what’s still fun­da­men­tally a leisure ac­tiv­ity.

Some peo­ple would rather keep it sim­ple. They de­sire a ma­chine that re­quests very lit­tle setup time and de­liv­ers very high per­for­mance in re­turn. For them, the hands used to con­nect the mother­board to the power sup­ply are in­con­se­quen­tial. For th­ese sorts of peo­ple, Acer’s Preda­tor G1 gaming PC will likely prove a win­ning pur­chase. It’s an out­right out­stand­ing gaming PC that’s easy to rec­om­mend.

Only slightly bulkier than your PS4 or Xbox One, the Preda­tor G1 boasts both lav­ish de­sign and spec­tac­u­lar per­for­mance. On a vis­ual level, it’s as cool as cases come. Cov­ered in black scales and lined by crim­son, the G1’s rep­til­ian spines and grooves make it feel like the lean­est desk­top PC in the range yet. A small de­pres­sion above the front-fac­ing USB, SD and USB-C in­put slots can be pushed to re­veal the disc tray. Slightly above that, there are a pair of horn-like head­phone mounts that can be ex­tended for use. It all feels very ap­pro­pri­ate, given the brand­ing.

Th­ese fea­tures are wellincor­po­rated into the over­all de­sign, leav­ing it as en­gag­ing to use as it is to look at. On ev­ery front, it car­ries with it an im­pos­ing pres­ence – even when the growl-lights aren’t set to drift across the color spec­trum. It is the kind of slick ma­chine that’d feel as at home on your home of­fice desk as it would on your TV cabi­net – what mat­ters is that it’s yours.

The Preda­tor G1 is just as fierce un­der the hood. It boasts an In­tel 6700 3.4gHz i7 pro­cess­ing unit, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graph­ics card and a hefty 32GBs of RAM. In terms of stor­age, it’s also pack­ing with a 2TB tra­di­tional hard drive and 512GB SSD. To keep things as sim­ple as the ma­chine it­self does: it’s a beast and it’s specs carry with them the same raw fe­roc­ity as the Preda­tor G1’s ex­te­rior de­sign.

Both the G1’s ex­ter­nal and in­ter­nal fac­tors can be fur­ther con­fig­ured through the pre-in­stalled Preda­tor Sense ap­pli­ca­tion. This cus­tom app al­lows you to mess with the pat­terns, fre­quency of color of the light­ing pan­els on the case as well as mod­ify the speed of the two fans be­neath it.

Acer are tout­ing the ma­chine as ‘VR-Ready’ but the re­al­ity goes way be­yond that. The G1 can pretty much ready to run any se­ri­ous ti­tle avail­able on the PC at the mo­ment with ease. If on­line gaming is your in­ter­est, rest as­sured that the Preda­tor G1 will serve you well. We found it ran games like Overwatch and He­roes of the Storm at the high­est pos­si­ble set­tings with­out even com­ing close to drop­ping be­low 100FPS – even in the tight­est of team­fights.

Same goes with even games that are in­fa­mous for be­ing poorly op­ti­mised like Bat­tle­born and Bat­man: Arkham Knight. We cranked all the set­tings way up on th­ese two games – both known for de­liv­er­ing poor per­for­mance on even de­cent rigs – and found them both im­me­di­ately playable and vis­ually im­pres­sive. By the end of our two-week pe­riod with the ma­chine we were hon­estly run­ning out of ideas on how to push the limit with it – and I think that says a lot about the ma­chine.

What’s more, the G1’s per­for­mance al­ways came qui­etly. Even in the most tech­ni­cally en­trenched of ex­pe­ri­ences, the Preda­tor G1 re­mained barely au­di­ble. The only real catch here is that the rig re­quires two power out­lets rather than the usual one. How­ever, the end re­sult is a high-end ex­pe­ri­ence that’s el­e­vated enough to be well-worth the mi­nor in­con­ve­nience.

There’s not a whole lot you can’t do here in terms of gaming. While some power-users might even­tu­ally find some lim­i­ta­tion in the fu­ture, for now – and es­pe­cially for the kind of player the Preda­tor G1 is aimed at – it doesn’t get any bet­ter than this.

There’s some­thing to the ex­pe­ri­ence of build­ing your own com­puter – but that’s not you’re get­ting with the Preda­tor G1. With the G1, you’re get­ting a ma­chine that’s ready and rear­ing to go from the mo­ment you plug it in. It’s got specs to last and a case de­sign that’s more than ca­pa­ble of do­ing the same.

If you’re in the mar­ket for an out­right gaming PC – this is the one you’ll want to walk home with.

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