In 2017, peo­ple don’t just have more tech­nol­ogy in their lives than ever be­fore. In many ways, con­sumer tech has also be­come more de­mand­ing.

SmartHouse - - CES 2017 - Writ­ten by Fer­gus Hal­l­i­day

Our smart­phones, tablets and other wire­less de­vices hold far more sway over our ev­ery­day lives than ever be­fore. Of­ten-times, it can feel like we spend half our days look­ing into smart­phones and the other half wait­ing for them to recharge.

This re­al­ity is partly what has helped power­banks grow to be­come such a huge cat­e­gory in re­cent years and what makes the new Smor­gas­bord ‘Hjemhub’ (or home hub) such a com­pelling propo­si­tion.

When it comes to man­ag­ing your per­sonal suite of de­vices, there’s lit­tle on of­fer that goes beyond cheap plas­tic – fre­quently only avail­able in grey, black or white. Against the grain of that, Smor­gas­bord de­liv­ers a healthy al­ter­na­tive.

It’s some­thing that the com­pany be­hind the prod­uct, Crest, even ac­knowl­edge. They de­scribe them­selves as “real peo­ple who grew tired of ca­ble chaos and de­cided to make the world a more stylishly or­ga­nized place.”

The de­sign of Hjemhub re­flects ex­actly that. Crafted from high qual­ity and sus­tain­ably har­vested bam­boo ma­te­ri­als, the Smor­gas­bord keeps things sim­ple and clean.

All told, the port-laden ac­ces­sory is able to out­put 7.8 amps in to­tal and fea­tures five Fast-Charge com­pat­i­ble USB-ports. It even boasts in­tel­li­gent power al­lo­ca­tion that prom­ises to man­age and pri­or­i­tize power to the de­vices that most need it.

If you’re the lat­est vic­tim of ca­ble chaos, the so­lu­tion is here.

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