Why Canton Por­ta­ble Music Box Is Su­pe­rior To Over­priced Dali KATCH

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Dur­ing a re­cent visit to a Mel­bourne based, spe­cial­ist au­dio dealer, I heard for the first time the larger of the two Canton MusicBox por­ta­ble speak­ers, I was then handed the smaller XS ver­sion and that is a story on its own.

In­stantly I was blown away by the high qual­ity of this Ger­man en­gi­neered prod­uct es­pe­cially as I had re­cently played with the Dali KATCH por­ta­ble au­dio player and I al­ready own a Har­man Esquire and a Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker.

It was when heard the smaller ver­sion of the Canton of­fer­ing called the XS which is sell­ing for $329 that I got the dis­tinct im­pres­sion that this Com­pany re­ally knew a lot about pack­ing big sound into a small box.

The big ques­tion is which one, the Dali or the Canton de­liv­ered value for money.

Let’s start with the Canton branded prod­uct, their por­ta­ble sound of­fer­ing comes in two sizes. The Canton MusicBox S and the mini XS.

The smaller MusicBox XS was the Com­pa­nies first en­try into the por­ta­ble Blue­tooth speaker mar­ket, and while the de­vice looks like the Bose SoundLink Mini II the qual­ity of the com­po­nents are miles apart.

The Canton of­fer­ing has Ger­man made driv­ers and speak­ers which is a ma­jor plus for any small speaker sys­tem.

The first thing you no­tice, is that the Canton of­fer­ing has an all metal en­clo­sure and a soft rub­ber base, it also has an aux­il­iary in­put for non-Blue­tooth de­vices.

Stand­ing in the store I could eas­ily Blue­tooth pair both speak­ers.

All I did was hold the Blue­tooth but­ton down un­til I heard “Blue­tooth Pair­ing “I then fired up my Spo­tify app on my An­droid phone, as the source for con­tent.

The sound out­put was way beyond what I ex­pected from such a small speaker, sig­nif­i­cantly bet­ter than the Dali KATCH which at $699 strug­gles to re­motely de­liver value for money.

On top of the speaker, we’ve got but­tons for power, aux­il­iary in­put, Blue­tooth and vol­ume, I shuf­fled my con­tent via the Spo­tify app on my smart­phone.

What I liked about the MusicBox XS was that one could eas­ily cre­ate a stereo pair.

You can ei­ther choose the Canton Party Mode re­sult­ing in each speaker play­ing the same stereo sig­nal or you can move to true stereo mode with each speaker play­ing a sep­a­rate stereo chan­nel.

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