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It’s on the bat­tle of the phone brands, Ap­ple Vs Sam­sung and the con­tenders for the scraps in the smart­phone mar­ket which will see the likes of LG with their V30, Nokia with their 8 Se­ries and HTC with their U11 go head to head for the last 25% of the pre­mium mar­ket that Ap­ple and Sam­sung don’t al­ready own.

But what is the best pre­mium smart­phone out there. I am a firm be­liever in the no­tion that a com­pany that makes their own com­po­nents and have an ex­cel­lent de­sign record has a bet­ter chance of de­liv­er­ing the goods.

The launch of the Ap­ple iPhone X and an iPhone 8 has ut­terly con­fused the Ap­ple faith­ful, “do I buy the X or the 8” or do I stay with my iPhone 7.

This a ques­tion that mil­lions of iPhone own­ers are ask­ing them­selves and if pre-or­ders are any­thing to go by mil­lions are stay­ing with their iPhone 7.

Do I go for the Sam­sung S 8 or the new Note 8 is an­other big dilemma for An­droid smart­phone users who are also be­ing chal­lenged by ex­cel­lent of­fer­ings from the likes of HTC, Nokia and LG.

The glue that sticks iPhone users to Ap­ple is the iOS which in the new iPhones is ba­si­cally is a ma­jor up­grade of what Steve Jobs de­liv­ered 10 ago.

What is wrapped around the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 are com­po­nents made by the likes of Sam­sung and LG. This in­cludes the screen, mem­ory and sev­eral other key com­po­nents.

So, the ques­tion is, do brands like Sam­sung and LG keep the best com­po­nents for their own de­vices.

For me I re­ally like the Sam­sung Note 8. I have just used it in Europe for three weeks in the most de­mand­ing of en­vi­ron­ments. It has a new S pen which is out­stand­ing es­pe­cially when you want to trans­late Ger­man or Span­ish to English or write quick notes. As for the cam­eras, it's the best there is out there.

Hav­ing said that the V30 is a se­ri­ously ca­pa­ble de­vice, it has the same pro­ces­sor as the S8+ and has one of the best OLED screens which is not sur­pris­ing as LG makes OLED screens for sev­eral well-known brands.

An­other brand that is now get­ting trac­tion is Huawei who claim to be the #1 phone brand in the world due to their Chi­nese sales. At the re­cent IFA show the Com­pany in­tro­duced a new pro­ces­sor which is set to go into their new de­vices, the Com­pany will also launch a con­tender de­signed to take on the iPhone X.

The real is­sue for me right now is does the Ap­ple of­fer­ing jus­tify the $1,866 price tag for the Ap­ple X or is the Note 8 the bet­ter buy at $1,400. The an­swer is clearly no, this is price goug­ing on a grand scale es­pe­cially as the Sam­sung of­fer­ing de­liv­ers gen­uine Sam­sung com­po­nents and in­cludes sec­ond and third gen­er­a­tion tech­nol­ogy that is only now mak­ing it for the first time into an Ap­ple iPhone.

At the end of the day con­sumers will be the de­cider and if pre or­ders are any­thing to go back Sam­sung is romp­ing it to the start line, while Ap­ple iPhone users are still dither­ing and dal­ly­ing as to what is right for them.

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