SmartHouse - - CES 2018 // JBL - Writ­ten by DAVID RICHARDS

Who is the best at de­liv­er­ing great sound tech­nol­ogy linked to Google As­sist or Har­man with their JBL range of Google voice en­abled speak­ers.

The new range of JBL Link prod­ucts are de­signed specif­i­cally to de­liver great sound while de­liv­er­ing voice man­age­ment ca­pa­bil­ity us­ing tech­nol­ogy de­vel­oped by Google with their Google As­sist.

While Google is great at de­liv­er­ing soft­ware such as An­droid, Chrome and their Google As­sist tech­nol­ogy I think they sould leave sound out­put to pro’s like Har­man and JBL.

The dilemma for many music lov­ing con­sumers is do I buy a base Google de­vice or in­vest the added dol­lars in a third-party prod­uct like the JBL Link of­fer­ing.

If you play music ev­ery day and want qual­ity out­put the an­swer is the new range of JBL Link speak­ers. They not only de­liver unique voice com­mand ca­pa­bil­ity via the likes of Spo­tify or Google Music, with a sim­ple “Okay Google” com­mand they de­liver su­pe­rior sound which is ex­pected from a brand that has a rep­u­ta­tion for de­liv­er­ing great sound from both Pro speak­ers to por­ta­ble wa­ter­proof speak­ers.

All 3 of the Link mod­els to the cur­rent JBL por­ta­ble speaker de­signs.

Link 10 and 20 are both light­weight but still feel solid in the hand. The Link 300 has a sub­woofer built in.

The JBL Link 10 and 20 are sim­i­larly styled with ba­si­cally the same but­ton place­ments.

Both are cylin­dri­cal with a mesh-type cov­er­ing and solid top and bot­tom.

The power but­ton and mi­cro­phone mute but­ton are on the back of both units along with the bat­tery level in­di­ca­tor. At the bot­tom back of both the 10 and 20 is the Mi­croUSB charg­ing port.

At the top of both units, you’ll find the Google As­sis­tant but­ton, vol­ume/ track but­tons, play/pause but­ton and Blue­tooth/pair­ing but­ton. There are also LED in­di­ca­tors at the top front for vol­ume and at the bot­tom front for WiFi con­nec­tiv­ity.

The Link 10 is com­pa­ra­ble with the Google Home in price, with bet­ter au­dio and a por­ta­ble, rugged build.

The Link 300, is closer to the Google Home Max in size and works over Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi, and pro­vides a very balanced, en­joy­able sound.

The Link 10 is priced at $229, the Link 20 is $299 and the Link 300 is $349.

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