Sam­sung Gal­axy S10 5G

Re­cently Tel­stra moved to sell­ing three 5G smart­phones from Sam­sung, Oppo and LG, but the only prob­lem is that in a city such as Syd­ney or Mel­bourne it’s im­pos­si­ble to get a 5G sig­nal over 380Mbps.

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This is a real pic­ture shot on the Sam­sung S10 5G. The pic­ture was shot through the win­dow of a BMW X4 shown is not only the kan­ga­roos but the head up dis­play that ap­pears on the screen of an X4.

This is a tech­nol­ogy that’s in its in­fancy and I sus­pect that 5G will be­come just another stream along­side 4G that a de­vice flicks in and out of with all smart­phones over a cer­tain price point hav­ing the 5G chipset built in.

The new Sam­sung S10 5G is the same as the S10 plus the big dif­fer­ence is that it comes with a chipset that finds a 5G net­work when it’s avail­able, then there is the added ad­van­tage of a 25 Watt fast charger new front cam­era sen­sors that ac­tu­ally capture more im­age data while also de­liv­er­ing im­proved pic­ture qual­ity.

In the hand the de­vice feels light and com­fort­able de­spite it be­ing frac­tion­ally larger than the S10+

The S10 5G now adds time of flight (TOF) depth sen­sors to both the rear and front cam­era.

The de­vice has non­re­mov­able 4100 mah bat­tery com­pared to the S10 5G’s 4500mah bat­tery ca­pac­ity how­ever I am still get­ting ex­cel­lent bat­tery management de­spite heavy use of the de­vice dur­ing for ex­am­ple a trip to Mel­bourne where I used the new de­vice for both nav­i­gat­ing and ac­cess­ing news sites all day long. I was ex­pect­ing the 5G de­vice to be power hun­gry due to the larger screen size and the added 5G pro­ces­sor.

The S10 5G has fast wire­less charg­ing 15W and Power bank/ Re­verse wire­less charg­ing 9W.

How­ever, the S10 5G sup­ports wired Fast bat­tery charg­ing 25W (USB Power De­liv­ery 3.0) which is much faster at fill­ing the huge bat­tery than the S10+ wired Fast bat­tery charg­ing 15W.

In the hand the de­vice feels light and com­fort­able de­spite it be­ing frac­tion­ally larger than the S10+ and at 198gm which is 23 grams more than the S10+ and while I could hold it in one hand, I sus­pect fe­males with smaller hands will have a prob­lem.

On the out­side Go­rilla Glass 6 cov­ers the al­most bezel less body and the HDR10+ Dy­namic AMOLED screen.

Size wise the S10 5G is 6.7″ up from the 6.4″ S10+.

The nice thing about a Sam­sung smart­phone Vs a Chinese made Oppo or Huawei de­vice is that you feel safe in that the de­vice is pro­tected by Sam­sung’s con­stantly up­dated se­cu­rity sys­tem another ad­van­tage is that the Android 9.0 is lay­ered with Sam­sung soft­ware that is highly functional and does not con­stantly change this is sim­i­lar to the way that Ap­ple de­liv­ers their OS apps.

The S10 5G has the same Android 9.0 Sam­sung One UI as the S10 and due to new soft­ware de­vel­op­ments, the OS can be un­locked by plac­ing your fin­ger on the screen.

All you do is tap the screen to wake up the de­vice and place your pre scanned fin­ger on the screen to gain access to your app menu’s. Another big plus with this de­vice is that I was able to eas­ily trans­fer my apps along with the Sam­sung stored pass­words from my S10+ to my S10 5G de­vice, this saves an enor­mous amount of time hav­ing to set up a new de­vice.

For iPhone own­ers who want to switch to a Sam­sung Android smart­phone this is an ideal de­vice to do it with as it is packed with fea­tures and soft­ware as well as hard­ware ad­vance­ments that are not avail­able for Ap­ple iOS users.

Un­der the bon­net is 8GB RAM and the same Exynos 9820 chipset, Octa-core CPU and Mali-G76 MP12 GPU as in the S10+.

Un­der the bon­net is 8GB RAM and the same Exynos 9820 chipset, Octa-core CPU and Mali-G76 MP12 GPU as in the S10+

Un­like the US ver­sion of this de­vice the Aus­tralian model has the Exynos Mo­dem 5100 which sup­ports sub-6GHz 5Ghz spec­trum and en­ables down­load speeds of up to 2Gbps which is about 1.7 times faster than Sam­sung’s best Exynos 4G mo­dem, the only prob­lem is find­ing any­where in Aus­tralia where you can get above 500mbps. How Tel­stra can on one hand claim speeds of over 1,600Mps in their Syd­ney ex­pe­ri­ence cen­tre for this de­vice and then not de­liver the same band­width 20 me­tres from a 5G Tel­stra tower de­fies logic or at least an ACCC in­ves­ti­ga­tion. The Amer­i­can S10 5G has a mo­dem that sup­ports higher Ghz mmWave (mil­lime­tre Wave).

The neg­a­tive of this is that when you go to the USA with your su­pe­rior Aus­tralian 5G de­vice you will not be able to access a US 5G net­work.

5G Speed Tests

North South East and West in both Syd­ney and Mel­bourne we were un­able to hit any­where near the speed tests that Tel­stra claims in their PR spin ses­sions for 5G.

Re­cently at an event at Tel­stra’s Syd­ney Ex­pe­ri­ence Cen­tre we were shown 5G de­vices hit­ting over 1GB per sec­ond in down­load speeds yet right out­side the front door of Tel­stra we were un­able to get above 360Mbps.

20 me­tres from a 5G tower at 720 Mil­i­tary Road Mos­man we had the same ex­pe­ri­ence. Iron­i­cally the 4G sig­nal did shoot up to over 260Mbps on this de­vice.


The cam­era on this de­vice is ex­cel­lent and users can now take ad­van­tage of ul­tra­w­ide, nor­mal and 2x zoom lenses as well as the in­tro­duc­tion of TOF sen­sors im­prove night pho­tog­ra­phy. We no­ticed that in low light the new TOF sen­sors de­liv­ered sig­nif­i­cant de­tail de­spite their be­ing lim­ited light both with the flash dis­abled.


The big ques­tion now is why you should, invest in 5G now when Tel­stra is do­ing a lousy job of de­liv­er­ing the speeds they keep brag­ging about.

The an­swer is fu­ture proof­ing.

The Sam­sung 5G de­vice can be used in the fu­ture to stream con­tent de­liv­er­ing bet­ter con­tent qual­ity and faster speeds than 4G.

At this stage it is only a few sec­onds faster over 4G. How­ever, you can add ad­di­tional de­vices to you 5G smart­phone us­ing the built in teth­er­ing and th­ese de­vices es­pe­cially if they are 5G com­pat­i­ble will de­liver bet­ter con­nec­tiv­ity than via a 4G net­work due in part to bet­ter la­tency.

As for fu­ture proof­ing this de­vice de­liv­ers su­pe­rior pro­ces­sor ca­pa­bil­ity than 98% of other smart­phones out there and it de­liv­ers 5G to­day.

In the fu­ture when Tel­stra has real 5G com­pe­ti­tion 5G will be smarter, faster and more ef­fi­cient than 4G.

The cam­era on this de­vice is ex­cel­lent and users can now take ad­van­tage of ul­tra­w­ide, nor­mal and 2x zoom lenses.

It will be ca­pa­ble of de­liv­er­ing mo­bile data speeds that far out­strip the fastest home broad­band net­work cur­rently avail­able to con­sumers.

With speeds of up to 100 gi­ga­bits per sec­ond, 5G is set to be as much as 100 times faster than 4G and I be­lieve the fu­ture for the Con­nected home and the thou­sands of de­vices which by next year will be au­to­mated to work with a Wi Fi or 5G net­work will work bet­ter via a 5G hub or con­nected to a 5G smart­phone such as the Sam­sung S10 5G.

This de­vice has all the top end ca­pa­bil­ity that a premium Sam­sung de­liv­ers plus a few more ca­pa­bil­i­ties such as 5G, Fast Charg­ing and a much im­proved cam­era. What Tel­stra has to de­liver is 1000GB of data for sub $150 a month plus the speeds they keep brag­ging about for 5G de­vices like this beauty to take off and be­come the norm.

Panoramic pic­ture shot on the Sam­sung S10 5G.

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