The days of carrying a key around are over with the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0. Like a king of old, your front door will open automatica­lly when you arrive, and lock securely when you leave. Using your smartphone to detect when you are present, the door sensor will also allow you to assign virtual keys to family and friends, while can be assigned a finite time period, or indefinite­ly. It will also link with the Airbnb Host Accounts, so you can assign digital access codes automatica­lly when a guest books, which will expire as they check out. You can also track who entered and exited your home, and when, meaning you'll know who to blame if the door is left unlocked. Not that this will ever be a problem – with the Nuki app, you can be alerted if this is ever the case, and secure your property remotely. Best of all, you can mount your Smart Lock over the existing cylinder and key, meaning no screws, holes, or drills, and fast, easy installati­on.

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