LG Electronic­s has announced its new 2021 LG Tone Free FP9 and FP8 earbuds, which feature several welcome updates, including spatial processing.

Sound-wise, the new Headphone Spatial Processing system from Meridian Audio provides a true three-dimensiona­l experience, with 3D Sound Stage amplifying the sound further, with lifelike, immersive audio.

Three microphone­s in each earbud provides a better conference or calling experience, while the very handy Whisper Mode allowing the right earbud to be used as a directiona­l microphone, which you can hold up to your mouth and whisper, while on public transport, or somewhere that you cannot have a booming phone call.

Active noise cancelling eliminates lowfrequen­cy background din, with the in-ear mics targeting and neutralisi­ng ambient noises with identical sound waves, inaudible to the listener.

Design-wise, the LG Tone Free lineup has an earbud stem that is 4.4mm shorter than on previous models, and both models are IPX4 rated, making these perfect for all weather conditions, and the hardest workout sessions.

The auto-cleaning UV nano charging case will keep your ear-tips clean – the only such auto-cleaning in the audio industry. They claim to reduce Escherichi­a Coli and Staphyloco­ccus Aureus on the earbud silicone tip by 99.9% in just five minutes of wired charging.

The LG earbuds offer 10 hours of uses, or a full 24-hours when using the charging cases. Fast Charging means five minutes in the case gives up to one hour of listening – great for those who forget to charge overnight.

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