Yamaha Music Cast


Yamaha MusicCast being sold at The Good Guys and specialist audio dealers, supports Pandora and Spotify and Apple Music, or Google Play. It supports AirPlay and Bluetooth on all its devices,

The entry level Yamaha model the MusicCast 20 delivers versatile listening with ease, and it can be used as a standalone speaker, paired, or acting as surround speakers with a compatible MusicCast AV receiver or sound bar.

The MusicCast 20 lets you connect whether via Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi with AirPlay 2, the wireless connection makes it quick and easy to get the party started.

And for all those home theatre buffs out there, the MusicCast 20 can be used at the back of the room, replacing the need for surround sound speakers.

The Yamaha MusicCast 50 is a speaker that takes a different approach to some of the newest wireless models. You can control it using Amazon Alexa, but this isn't a speaker you operate with your voice.

It's far more traditiona­l. The MusicCast 50 will appeal to those who aren't yet ready for devices that are devoid of wires and cables, or any form of finger operation beyond changing the volume.

It's a higher end multiroom speaker, and a better alternativ­e to the Sonos Play:5 because it's more flexible than some other networked speakers and sounds significan­tly better than the smaller MusicCast 20.

A low-profile design also makes it better suited for use in smaller rooms than many rivals.

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