Marshall Stanmore


Delivering on both decor and quality sound, Marshall's speakers are a classic. Its retro vibes are not the only allure however, the Stanmore Multi-Room Wi-Fi speaker will turn your home into a venue with its clean and precise sound, and smart functions that can be easily set-up using the accompanyi­ng app to customise your pre-sets and switch between speakers.

This Multi-Room system is based on the company's line of Bluetooth speakers, which we really like, but the whole-home system functions more like a Bluetooth speaker than a fully integrated system.

You stream to the speakers via AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Chromecast, not through an integrated app that unites all the services in one place. You need to load the Marshall setup app to send audio to multiple rooms or join speakers into a group. We like the retro styling of the Marshall speakers, but the system lacks the complete integratio­n that other whole-home audio systems offer.

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