Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro


Samsung has been slowly expanding its range of headphones, leveraging the AKG brand that it acquired as part of the Harman deal in 2016.

For true wireless headphones, that's seen the Galaxy Buds, Buds+ and Buds Live launched in recent years, with the latest Buds Pro joining the family at the top of the pile.

The Galaxy Buds Pro refine the design we've seen from Buds in the past; these in-ears are a convention­al shape, unlike the Buds Live which had a more beans-like shape that slipped into the ears.

Instead, the Pro offers an oval silicon tip, with three sizes in the box, allowing you to get a good seal within your ear. The body of the Buds Pro is compact too, so each 'bud mostly sits within the concha of the ear, with minimal protrusion. That means the 'buds don't stick out much - there's no dangly bits or anything else, which we like - and the look is rather more subtle than some true wireless headphones which want to make a statement through style.

That's not saying that the Buds Pro isn't stylish, just more practical rather than showy, although the glossy finish attracts fingerprin­ts and that means constant cleaning is needed. There's an IPX7 rating, meaning protection is provided from sweat or rain, which is good practical protection for everyday use - and higher rated than the Apple rivals, the AirPods Pro.

There are no buttons on the Buds Pro, with Samsung instead using touch-based surfaces. That can mean that you'll accidental­ly touch and get an action - like your music stopping - when you're just trying to put the headphones in or adjust them. The downside of that slightly more compact body is that getting these 'buds perfectly seated in the ear is more of a challenge than with headphones that are a little more substantia­l.

If you think that Apple is the only brand that can instantly recognise a pair of headphones nearby, you haven't been paying attention. As soon as you open the case of the Galaxy Buds Pro, you'll get a notificati­on on your Galaxy device asking if you want to pair - so it's literally just a tap away and couldn't be easier.

Samsung will also allow seamless switching between Galaxy devices, again à la Apple, but both Galaxy devices must be running One UI 3.1 - so that's going to limit the experience slightly, unless you're a big Samsung fan with up-to-date kit. You can of course connect to any other Bluetooth devices you want, but the native Samsung experience is going to be a little better.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a great set of true wireless headphones. Compact in design, with a neat and compact case, these 'buds are easy to slip into a pocket, while still delivering pretty good battery life and charging options.

Ultimately, you get a lot from the Samsung Buds Pro in a small package. There are decisions to be made, but many of the fundamenta­ls, like the sound quality and the options on offer, make for an attractive choice.

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