Plug into Alogic's Universal Docking Stations


In today's world of hybrid work, you'll often want to use your laptop as a full workstatio­n, whether at home or at the office – and for that, you need a docking station.

Proprietar­y docks are all well and good if you have the devices they're built for, but otherwise, you'll want a universal docking station that will work with any laptop.

Enter ALOGIC, whose premium DX2 and DX3 docking stations feature a multitude of ports; support Windows, Mac, and Chromebook laptops; can plug in multiple monitors at the same time; and give you up to 100W of charging power.

“ALOGIC's docking stations enable you to maintain flow and speed as you view multiple windows without needing to pull them up amongst the multiple tabs on a single display.

“The crisp resolution our docking stations support is also a great advantage for people who need to edit images, create quality multimedia content and visual design work,” the manufactur­er says.

Each can be had for under $400, making them a great and affordable solution for your workplace and home office needs.

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