Your laptop or tablet screen can start looking a little diminutive when you're no longer hunched over using its included keyboard and trackpad so a nice big monitor is the logical next step in your home office makeover. Greater screen real estate can also help you get more done while you're multitaski­ng (you can also use the extra space for YouTube videos if your workplace doesn't spy on your computer screen while you diligently work from home).


The 27-inch monitor used to be considered the big one, nowadays it barely counts in the conversati­on, but it does still count and for many people it's as big as you need, particular­ly when your home office is a corner in the bedroom of your sharehouse where everyone also works “computer jobs” in sunlit modern offices they're not allowed to visit anymore either. Lenovo's entrant can also boost your home office aesthetic with a floating design and near-bezelesss display, though with only one HDMI port alongside a legacy VGA port those with multiple devices might want to look elsewhere unless they love plugging and unplugging cables.

Price: $329


Buying a gaming monitor for your home office might seem a bit like putting a spoiler on your Camry but it's nice to have the option of some light (or not so light) gaming when you're off the clock. The included gaming boosts (faster response times, improved contrast ratios and bumped brightness) can also deliver some advantages to your productivi­ty and creativity at work if you look hard enough for a way to justify any amount of money given to you by your boss to furnish your home office being spent on a gaming monitor.

Price: $399


For an extra $70 Korean panel giant LG will furnish you with a few extra screen inches, an extra HDMI port, and an improved IPS monitor with improved viewing angles and better colour rendition, after all if you're going to spend all day staring at a screen it may as well look nice.

Price: $399


For the price of a decent television Samsung will sell you something even better. Consider this the Swiss Army knife of display technology. The regular monitor stuff is there in the form of a 32-inch 4K panel and even some speakers, but the M7 also crams in a whole heap of extras, with a deceptivel­y deep grab bag of bells and whistles ranging from the truly innovative to the bordering on gimmicky, but once you know they're in there you can't help want them a little.

USB-C connectivi­ty simplifies connection­s, new sources are automatica­lly detected for displaying, and a light sensor can even adjust the display based on your environmen­t. Samsung phone or tablet owners with one of the newer and nicer devices get a few extras like voice control and wireless mirroring through the DeX app. It also borrows the best feature from your television and gives you a remote control to control the thing, complete with dedicated buttons for some of the streaming apps available in the monitor's “Smart Hub”. If binge watching isn't your bag there's also some included gaming features like a mode that changes the screen ratio to widen your field of view. In case you have to do some actual work, there's even support for Microsoft Office 365 built-in to the monitor, with no computer required.

Price: $699

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