The Age of Sustainabi­lity:

Bodyguardz Takes New Approach With Mobile Cases


It's baffling that the majority of mobile phone users will happily shell out the price of a second-hand car for the latest and greatest smartphone, only to scrimp on the protective shell that acts as the only line of defence between your device and the terracotta tiles it just smashed into.

Worst still, most people don't even think about their phone case past the aesthetics; usually — at least in Australia — selecting either a clear, black, or white case, and picking a price point that doesn't seem too outrageous.

After all, it's a bit of plastic, they argue, what does it really matter? Luckily, Bodyguardz put an incredible amount of thought into its phone cases. Aside from the sturdy build, and slick design, they think about how the materials they use

will both protect your valuable access, and protect the environmen­t long after you've moved onto the latest gadget and tossed your case along with it. Even the packaging the cases come in is plantbased, and fully recyclable.

“We recognise our responsibi­lity to both customers, as well as the environmen­t,” Bodyguardz explain. “Integrity, quality, and innovation are the three core values that anchor everything we do. Rooted in these values is our approach to sustainabi­lity, centered around authentici­ty and transparen­cy."

This regard for the environmen­t comes early in the process. Bodyguardz use a low temperatur­e curing process which uses four times less energy than competitor brands. “Creating sustainabl­e products and materials takes innovation and forward thinking,” Bodyguardz explain. “We are leading the future of the industry.”

The company also partners with Repreve to use 100 per cent recycled ocean plastic in its products.

Just by implementi­ng these steps in the company's production and distributi­on chain will save the equivalent of the square footage of 18 football fields every single year – and that's for the eco-friendly shatterpro­of screen protector alone.

That's an outstandin­g amount of waste involved in other phone cases – especially considerin­g the disposal nature of such products once they outlast their usefulness.

Check out the entire Bodyguardz range here, and do your bit for the planet while protecting your phone from daily life.

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