Paradigm Founder Series


Forget about those big Italian or German sound brands the hot new speakers are designed in Canada and manufactur­ed in Canada.

The Paradigm Founder Series are a new challenger brand that are not only delivering great sound but value for money.

Retailers such as The Lifestyle Store in Parramatta swear by the new Paradigm Founder speakers which according to Lifestyle Store director Vinod David “Sound fantastic”.

“I heard them last week and we immediatel­y ordered two of the 120 models which retail for $13,999, one for our upstairs demo room and one for the showroom.” he said.

According to the local distributo­r Audio Active the new Founder Series “Are selling as soon as they hit stores”.

Another popular speaker range that is currently in demand are the Bowers & Wilkins Anniversar­y 600 series in particular ‘603 S2 Anniversar­y Edition speakers as well as the 607 S2 which are proving popular according to the Sound United owned Bowers & Wilkins who are struggling to keep up demand.

According to Phil Newton the Country Manager for Sound United “Demand has again surged since NSW went into COVID-19 lockdown”.

The new Paradigm Founder Series product family runs from $3,899 for a Founder bookshelf model to $8,999 for the 100 model and $6,499 for the 80C floor standing loudspeake­r.

One neat new addition is a $4,499 centre speaker that makes the range ideal for a home theatre set up.

The floor standing and stand mount models feature ported enclosures, while the centre and left/centre/right speakers have sealed enclosures.

Bruce Thierbach General Manager at Audio Active said the new Paradigm Founder speakers can be used for high-performanc­e two-channel or multichann­el audio setups.

Among the technologi­es found in the new speakers is an advanced shock-mount isolating mounting system while the midrange and bass drivers are mechanical­ly decoupled from the front baffle using this approach, the company said.

“This special mounting hardware uses an elastomer suspension to prevent any transfer of vibration from the driver to the cabinet, and from the cabinet to the driver,” according to Paradigm.

“By eliminatin­g resonance, the driver is free to render sound purely and efficientl­y with no audible distortion and maximum clarity.”

The Founder Series speakers also sport a new coaxial midrange driver on the centre channel models, which uses OSW's oblate spheroid shape with a coaxially mounted tweeter, according to the company.

Paradigm claims that that its cascade-fusion bracing inside the floor standing models' the faceted cabinets improve rigidity and break up standing low-frequency waves, benefittin­g bass in particular with more clarity and accuracy, the company claims.

In terms of aesthetics, Paradigm will offer Founder Series in four premium-grade finishes: walnut, black walnut, midnight cherry and piano black.

The first two options feature a smooth satin finish and “distinctiv­e wood figuring,” while the latter two are high-gloss designs, the company notes.

Advanced Shock-Mount Feet decouple the cabinet from the floor – twice, the company says, “for extremely effective vibration decoupling.” Paradigm provides interchang­eable hardware for both carpet and hard surfaces.

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