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Ever shown up to work feel­ing you weren’t re­ally needed? The staff of this Bo­li­vian air­line has been do­ing so for years.

A hangi is a tra­di­tional Maori method of cook­ing food in which heated vol­canic rocks are buried in a pit along with meat and veg­eta­bles, cre­at­ing a steamy, earthy-tast­ing feast. And we mean feast. These in­struc­tions, care of Newcastle Maori Club vice-pres­i­dent David Horne, will feed 50, but can be ad­justed up or down. N.B. Al­ways use vol­canic rocks, as non-vol­canic ones can ex­plode.

EQUIP­MENT: a shovel, fire­wood, vol­canic rocks, a large (clean) bed­sheet, 5 hes­sian sacks, large bucket of wa­ter, and chicken wire, folded into a bas­ket a lit­tle smaller than your pit (see method for size).

IN­GRE­DI­ENTS: enough meat (chicken, beef, and lamb work well) and veg­eta­bles (pota­toes, pump­kins, cab­bage, etc.) to fill your bas­ket, cut to size for even cook­ing. Cab­bage or ba­nana leaves for coat­ing your bas­ket. You can sub­sti­tute with tin­foil, though it won’t be as tasty.

Dig a pit in the ground roughly 50cm deep, 50cm wide and 75cm long. The larger the pit, the more foodyou can cook in one sit­ting.Soak bed­sheet and hes­sian sacks in wa­ter. Place bed­sheet over food, tuck­ing sides into bas­ket. Place bas­ket on rocksand cover with damp hes­sian sacks. Lay wood in pit with vol­canic rocks on top. Set wood on fire and leave for 2-3 hours. The rocks should be white-hot when fire burns out. Re­move em­bers. Cover hes­sian sacks with a thick mound of dirt and leave for 3-4 hours. If you see any steam es­cap­ing, cover with more dirtto seal in heat and steam. Con­struct a bas­ket from chicken wire. Lay cab­bage/ba­nana leaves on the bot­tom and sides. Add your meat,then pile veg­eta­bles on top. Care­fully re­move dirt and un­cover hes­sian sacks. Re­move bas­ket us­ing oven mitts. Dis­card bed­sheet and place food on chop­ping boards. Carve and eat.

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