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Kelsey Oseid (aka Kelzuki) is a Min­nesotan artist who paints the world’s crea­tures in their var­i­ous tax­onomies. So far she’s painted coleoptera (bee­tles), st­rigi­formes (owls) and ar­tio­dactyla (even-toed un­gu­lates). Her favourite, how­ever, are cetacea, or ma­rine mam­mals. “Their bod­ies are so stream­lined,” she says. “When paint­ing them you en­ter a kind of flow. It’s like swim­ming.” For a pull­out poster of Oseid’s favourite life form, head to page 72. To see what other an­i­mals she’s given the il­lus­trated treat­ment, head to kelzuki.com SJ

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