Smith Journal : 2018-06-04

Smith Stuff : 22 : 20

Smith Stuff

Page 018-019 According to Yukagir lore, the tusks littering Siberia ’s north coasts are the horns of a giant bull. H e sheds them every winter striving to r each his true love, the polar star . Page 021 Tusk hunting can r eap scientific benefits as well as financial ones. When a group of hunter s discovered a well-preserved juvenile mammoth, they stor ed it in a cave and r eported their f ind to the dir ector of Yakutsk’s Mammoth Museum (pictured here inspecting the car cass). For the f ew hours they’re not scouring the terr ain for tusks, Yugakir’s hunters hole up in makeshif t huts and tents. “There’s a lot of chatting,” Arbugaeva says.

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