Is Laura re­ally dead?

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The real Dale Cooper is lan­guish­ing in a coma while his dop­pel­ganger is run­ning riot en route to Twin Peaks to cause more havoc. Fi­nally though, Cooper re­vives and, re­ceiv­ing a warn­ing from MIKE that the dop­pel­ganger is still at large, alerts the Twin Peaks police and rushes to the town.

He ar­rives just as Lucy guns down the looka­like and sends him to the Red Room. Sud­denly, MIKE has Jef­fries trans­port Cooper back in time to the night Laura Palmer died. This time, how­ever, Cooper pre­vents Laura’s mur­der but as he leads her through the woods, she dis­ap­pears.

Search­ing for her, Cooper finds him­self in Texas in the present day where he in­ves­ti­gates a wait­ress named Car­rie Page who re­sem­bles Laura. Be­liev­ing that Car­rie is Laura, Cooper takes her to the Palmer home in Twin Peaks only to find it has dif­fer­ent own­ers. Cooper is con­fused, won­der­ing what year it is. Sud­denly, Car­rie hears Sarah call­ing Laura’s name and screams. Could Laura be alive?


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