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The truth is about to be re­vealed about what’s re­ally go­ing on in Scar­lett’s life as she en­dures threats from her ex, on Home and Away.

She’s been a woman on the run since the mo­ment she ar­rived in Sum­mer Bay, and time is about to run out — and fast — for Scar­lett Snow.

Mys­tery woman Scar­lett (Ta­nia Nolan) has known this day has been com­ing for a long time, and has done ev­ery­thing she can to avoid it. But in dra­matic up­com­ing episodes of Home and Away, Scar­lett’s com­pli­cated past will not only catch up with her, but also de­mand to be dealt with in par­tic­u­larly in­tense ways.

What’s ahead is not easy and will de­liver a dev­as­tat­ing shock to Scar­lett, who has pushed the re­al­ity of the trauma of re­cent years, in the wake of the death of her son Max, as far away as she can.

Also in for a ma­jor sur­prise is her some­time lover Justin Mor­gan (James Ste­wart), who thought their prob­lem­atic af­fair looked like it was fi­nally about to be rekin­dled once more.

What Scar­lett is about to come face to face with is her es­tranged hus­band Caleb Snow (Josh McConville), and no mat­ter how she tries to spin it, she knows there’s trou­ble ahead for both of them.

She fled their trou­bled mar­riage a long time ago, too dis­turbed by what went down be­tween them af­ter the cou­ple lost their beloved son. Scar­lett had to es­cape from the mar­riage as she could no longer be near Caleb and all he re­minded her of.

But Caleb’s de­mands that she re­turn to him have grown more in­sis­tent in re­cent times, send­ing nu­mer­ous pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tors af­ter her to track all her move­ments, to know ex­actly what she is up to. Caleb has also made many de­mands and threats, but Scar­lett has re­fused to buckle, and de­cided she pre­ferred a life on the run in­stead.

Most hurt­ful of all, how­ever, was the vi­cious let­ter from Caleb, blam­ing Scar­lett for the death of their son Max, and why he be­lieves she needs to be held re­spon­si­ble for the heart­break she has caused.

As a re­sult, Scar­lett knows right now she is not safe but has no idea where to turn when she is in this much dan­ger. She is cer­tain no one can help her, as Caleb means busi­ness this time. The months of putting him off have only made him an­grier and even more de­ter­mined that Scar­lett face up to all that she has been run­ning from.

All of this is cre­at­ing a per­fect storm that will come to a head in a most spec­tac­u­lar way, which will shat­ter Scar­lett and most of her friends in Sum­mer Bay.

What’s also set to come out is the full truth of so many of the rid­dles she has been keep­ing, as Scar­lett’s com­plete ex­is­tence has been based on liv­ing a life of se­crets and lies. She has never wanted to re­veal the truth of her past as she knows it’s all too dark and dan­ger­ous for oth­ers to fully com­pre­hend.

But that’s ex­actly what she will have to cope with in a sur­pris­ing new turn of events that will leave her reel­ing. Scar­lett will learn in the tough­est of ways that as fast as you run, you can­not es­cape from your truths for­ever, no mat­ter how hard she tries to shut out the truth.

The two peo­ple who will be most shat­tered by the com­ing fall­out are Justin and Kat (Pia Miller). They both thought they knew Scar­lett, and close friend­ships had grown. They may have felt they had been let into her world, how­ever, but as they will dis­cover, they didn’t know her at all.

Kat thought of Scar­lett as one of her clos­est girl­friends, some­one she had shared many se­crets with and leaned on for sup­port when her own tri­als and tribu­la­tions had been at their worst. But Kat is about to learn not ev­ery­thing Scar­lett has shared with her has been the ab­so­lute truth.

And Justin is in for an even big­ger shock. The pair have shared an un­easy re­la­tion­ship since the day they met. He felt re­spon­si­ble for the way Brody (Jack­son Hey­wood) at­tempted to car-jack her be­fore turn­ing up at her house, all a re­sult of his drug ad­dic­tion. As al­ways, Justin did his best to cover up the mess his brother cre­ated.

Since then, Scar­lett and Justin have car­ried on an out­landish

dance around each other — both too ter­ri­fied of in­ti­macy to get re­ally close, but both en­joy­ing the ro­man­tic game of cat and mouse they have in­dulged in.

But it is Justin who will be in for a real sur­prise with the up­com­ing events. It seemed a new flame of ro­mance had been ig­nited be­tween them only re­cently and he was keen to pur­sue it, to see if he and Scar­lett re­ally could make it work this time.

But what Justin has al­ways fool­ishly over­looked through­out this on-again, off-again af­fair is that Scar­lett has an es­tranged hus­band with whom she has se­ri­ous un­fin­ished busi­ness.

All Justin re­ally knows about Caleb are the sto­ries that Scar­lett has told him. He is soon to have rea­son to doubt just how many of those sto­ries have been the truth, and how many of them have been com­pli­cated lies spun by Scar­lett to avoid re­veal­ing the truth.

Once the dust set­tles from the show­down, things will never be the same for Scar­lett. Her legacy in Sum­mer Bay will be one when so many of the peo­ple around her will won­der how they ever be­came so blinded by so much de­cep­tion and down­right dis­hon­esty.

Most hurt­ful was Caleb’s vi­cious let­ter, blam­ing Scar­lett for the death of their son Max.

AN­GRY MAN Scar­lett’s es­tranged hus­band Caleb (Josh McConville) has made many threats, leav­ing her ter­ri­fied.


NOWHERE TO GO Scar­lett (Ta­nia Nolan) has been run­ning away from Caleb and her past but he’s de­ter­mined to catch up with her.

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