Anna’s hot new wild side

With her pub­lisher breath­ing doWn her neck – and in her bed – Anna flees to ash park to try to Write her sec­ond novel

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With her amorous pub­lisher breath­ing down her neck — and in her bed — the newlook Anna flees to Ash Park, on A Place to Call Home.

“She’s very Mar­i­lyn now. We spent 12 hours dy­ing my hair to get it to that Mar­i­lyn phase, which is re­ally ex­cit­ing.”

Anna has a suc­cess­ful ca­reer and a gor­geous lover but it’s not enough to mask the pain lin­ger­ing deep within her soul. And her at­tempts to bury her heart­break could threaten ev­ery­thing she’s worked so hard for.

Four years on from split­ting up with her first love Gino (Aldo Mignone), Anna (Abby Earl) is a pub­lished au­thor with a hit book. She’s also hooked up with her pub­lisher Ed (Matt Day) but it’s not some­thing she’s deeply in­vested in and al­most more of a hin­drance as she tries to write her sec­ond novel. It’s been a mas­sive strug­gle for Anna to come up with some­thing to fol­low the suc­cess of her first book. She could have got Ed off her back by pub­lish­ing her first piece,

Ten­der Vines, but in an act of self-sab­o­tage Anna destroyed the man­u­script.

The fact is Ten­der Vines speaks to the very heart of Anna’s in­ner tur­moil. She can’t cope with the mem­o­ries of Gino — both won­der­ful and bru­tal — that the novel awak­ens. Even years af­ter break­ing up with her hus­band be­cause of her in­abil­ity to have chil­dren, Anna hasn’t moved on as much as she pre­tends.

“She’s kind of lay­ered on this ar­mour to get through life know­ing that ev­ery­one ex­pects her to be able to pro­vide them with a fam­ily and that ex­pec­ta­tion is quite crip­pling,” ex­plains Abby Earl, who plays Anna.

“In­stead of her be­ing bur­dened by it she pre­tends to be lib­er­ated and pre­tends to be quite fab­u­lous — she just keeps fill­ing up her glass and par­ty­ing. She can’t re­ally sit still with the re­al­ity of what’s go­ing on.”

With Anna des­per­ate to keep mov­ing, her ca­sual af­fair with Ed is start­ing to make her feel a lit­tle claus­tro­pho­bic. The last thing Anna wants right now is a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship and that seems to be where things with Ed are head­ing — at least on his part.

Just the thought that her fling might turn into some­thing more is enough to send Anna flee­ing the city for the sanc­tu­ary of Ash Park. Anna hopes this change of scenery will help her write her new novel and maybe without Ed around she’ll feel less pres­sure.

But is a stint at home re­ally enough to end Anna’s writer’s block? And could a trip out of town give Ed the hint that she needs space? It’s pos­si­ble that Anna’s trou­bles will only man­i­fest more now that she’s back in In­ver­ness and send her spi­ralling fur­ther down a dark path.

The Anna we see in sea­son five is a far cry from the hope­less ro­man­tic we knew in the past but Anna’s self-de­struc­tive be­hav­iour has been a thrill for Earl to ex­plore as an ac­tor. “She’s quite un­recog­nis­able,” she ex­plains. “The kind of core of her is still there but she’s re­ally wild and that’s al­ways fun to play.

“It’s al­ways more fun to be a lit­tle bit dark and a lit­tle bit play­ful and cheeky and sar­cas­tic and rude and so she’s all those re­ally juicy things and the whole fam­ily is quite wor­ried about her, which I also love to play,” Earl laughs.

Even Anna’s look has changed dra­mat­i­cally and Earl says there are shades of one of the 1950s’ most glam­orous movie stars in her sea­son five cos­tume. “She’s very Mar­i­lyn now. We spent 12 hours dy­ing my hair to get it to that Mar­i­lyn phase, which is re­ally ex­cit­ing — I love trans­form­ing.

“And she wears very Mar­i­lyn-in­spired clothes, very tight, fig­ure-hug­ging, and I wear re­ally drapey [clothes]. I’m at home [in real life] in track­ies all the time — my boyfriend’s track­ies, re­ally baggy, his jumper, the bag­gier the bet­ter. So for me to be in tight fig­ure-hug­ging clothes is re­ally ex­pos­ing but Anna’s in­cred­i­bly con­fi­dent and she is kind of shak­ing what her mamma gave her and liv­ing it up so I get to live vi­car­i­ously through her con­fi­dence.”

But noth­ing ex­cites Earl more about play­ing Anna than how re­lat­able she is to the au­di­ence. Anna’s ex­pe­ri­ences of di­vorce and in­fer­til­ity are just as vex­ing is­sues to­day as they were in 1958. More than that though, Anna’s brav­ery is some­thing Earl tries to learn from and the fact that fans both young and old see them­selves in Anna is some­thing she holds dear.

“I try to in­vest deeply in her be­cause peo­ple come up to me and say, ‘Thank you, I saw my­self in Anna.’ One time I had this 89-year-old say to me, ‘I was just like you when I was young’ and that meant the world to me.”

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GET­TING SE­RI­OUS? Anna and her pub­lisher Ed. He seems to want some­thing more com­mit­ted but the thought of that makes her want to run away. PLAY­FUL DAYS Anna (Abby Earl) is hav­ing a ca­sual re­la­tion­ship with Ed (Matt Day). “She pre­tends to be lib­er­ated,”...

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