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Woody and Tracey strug­gle af­ter their break-up as Woody’s daugh­ter Poppy makes waves in Weld.

Weld’s Aussie sweet­hearts, Woody and Tracey, have split up but any at­tempts to rec­on­cile are even harder now that Woody’s daugh­ter Poppy is in town. While Woody and Tracey re­main at odds, Poppy tries to set­tle in, ig­nit­ing Lind­say’s fear that Arlo might stray.

Since be­ing kicked out of Tracey’s (Emma Leonard) place Woody (Rick Don­ald) is re­fus­ing to talk to Tracey and he and Poppy (Jes­sica Red­mayne) have had to move into Ge­orge’s (Erik Thom­son) place. Ge­orge just can’t be­lieve Woody and Tracey can’t sort this whole mess out and comes up with a way to get them talk­ing.

Ge­orge sug­gests Poppy en­rol in Weld High School where Tracey is prin­ci­pal mean­ing that Woody will be forced to say some­thing at least. But the meet­ing goes hor­ri­bly wrong and Woody strug­gles to ex­plain how he feels or talk about much at all.

It means the pair re­main at odds and leaves them won­der­ing if there’s any hope they can work things out.

The trou­ble started when Woody re­alised he was still mar­ried to his es­tranged wife Mary (Rachael Carpani) de­spite be­ing en­gaged to Tracey. Des­per­ate to get di­vorced without Tracey ever know­ing, Woody hatched a plan to at­tend a fake so­lar panel con­fer­ence in Aus­tralia with his best mates Ge­orge and Smiler (David Fane).

Mary signed the pa­pers but Woody was shocked to find out he had a teenage daugh­ter named Poppy. Woody quickly bonded with his lit­tle girl over their love of car­pen­try and sim­i­lar quirky per­son­al­i­ties so

Tracey was heart­bro­ken that Woody didn’t tell her he was al­ready mar­ried and lied to her.

he asked her to move to Weld with him.

But any hope Woody had of Tracey warmly em­brac­ing Poppy and

be­ing un­der­stand­ing of his de­ceit was to­tally dashed. She was com­pletely and ut­terly heart­bro­ken that Woody didn’t tell her he was al­ready mar­ried and that he lied to her about what he was do­ing in Aus­tralia.

While Woody and Tracey have so far failed to mend fences, at least Tracey and Poppy are get­ting along. But it must be dif­fi­cult for the teenager to find her feet in a new coun­try when she feels as if she is part of the rea­son her dad is heart­bro­ken.

On top of Woody’s re­la­tion­ship trou­bles Poppy has to get used to a new school, new peo­ple and the Weld way of life. One per­son in Poppy’s corner is Arlo (Ben­son Jack An­thony). As a fel­low Aussie ex­pat Arlo knows some of what Poppy must be go­ing through.

He’s there to sup­port her but Arlo’s girl­friend Lind­say (Manon Black­man) is get­ting sus­pi­cious of Poppy. Lind­say is so wor­ried she asks Arlo to move out of Ge­orge’s place and into Big Mac’s with her. But it’s not re­ally enough to stop Lind­say be­com­ing the green-eyed mon­ster.

Arlo’s con­tin­ued friend­ship with Poppy, which in­cludes him res­cu­ing her from a bor­ing night at home, just height­ens Lind­say’s jeal­ous streak fur­ther. Does Lind­say have rea­son to sus­pect that Arlo’s feel­ings for Poppy are more than friendly? Or could Arlo ac­tu­ally be fall­ing for the new girl in town?

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LOVE GONE WRONG (Clock­wise from this pic­ture) Tracey (Emma Leonard); Woody (Rick Don­ald); and Woody has a meet­ing at the school with Tracey and Poppy (Jes­sica Red­mayne) but it fails to get the ex-lovers talk­ing again. ARLO & LIND­SAY

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