After St­effy in­vites Liam to at­tend their baby’s first ul­tra­sound, she sees a glim­mer of hope for their re­union.

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St­effy and Liam’s hopes of re­build­ing a fu­ture for their baby may be shat­tered by Bill and Hope’s presence in their com­pli­cated lives, on The Bold and the Beau­ti­ful.

Ex­pec­tant par­ents St­effy and Liam should be cel­e­brat­ing the news that they are hav­ing a baby in a few months, while bliss­fully pre­par­ing for the joy­ous oc­ca­sion. In­stead, their mar­riage has been shat­tered by the rev­e­la­tion that St­effy slept with Liam’s fa­ther Bill, a be­trayal Liam finds both rep­re­hen­si­ble and un­for­giv­able.

De­spite the painful fact that Liam (Scott Clifton) has aban­doned her and their mar­riage and has merely agreed to a co-par­ent­ing re­la­tion­ship after the baby is born, St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) is strug­gling to ac­cept she’s lost him. And so, she re­fuses to sign the mar­riage an­nul­ment pa­pers.

St­effy has stren­u­ously vowed to fight to win Liam back, but she hits a hur­dle when he re­jects her in­vi­ta­tion to at­tend Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) and Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) wed­ding to­gether. As for Liam, he is lean­ing on a sup­port­ive Hope (An­nika Noelle), who’s con­fessed to Brooke that she wants to com­fort him.

Of­fer­ing wise words, Hope helps Liam see he must han­dle his bro­ken mar­riage and St­effy’s be­trayal in a way that sup­ports his best in­ter­ests. Grate­ful for her ad­vice, Liam ru­mi­nates on her words but ul­ti­mately re­alises all hope of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion with St­effy is lost.

Mean­while, Hope’s own feel­ings are soon chal­lenged when a wor­ried St­effy sus­pects that she’d like a life with Liam again and could move in on him, thus fur­ther un­der­min­ing St­effy and Liam’s chances of mar­i­tal rec­on­cil­i­a­tion. Hope in­sists she’s not ro­man­ti­cally in­ter­ested in Liam, but St­effy re­mains un­sure, a feel­ing that’s proven when Hope ad­mits to Liam that part of her would like them to re­unite. Nev­er­the­less, she’s ad­vo­cat­ing for him to for­give St­effy, as he should be with the mother of his child. The at­trac­tion be­tween them is ob­vi­ous, as Liam ac­cepts Hope’s of­fer to work on her Hope For The Fu­ture fash­ion line.

After St­effy in­vites Liam to at­tend their baby’s first ul­tra­sound, she sees a glim­mer of hope for their re­union when he ac­cepts. Dur­ing the scan, they learn they are ex­pect­ing a baby girl. Marvel­ling at the ul­tra­sound im­age of her, they’re over­come with emo­tion as they bond over the mo­ment. A tear­ful St­effy again asks Liam to for­give her trans­gres­sions, but Liam only prom­ises never to let their prob­lems af­fect the baby. St­effy im­plores him to see that the only way to do that is if they rec­on­cile. How­ever, Liam re­mains tor­tured by his wife’s be­trayal and says he can’t get over it. Upon hear­ing the baby gen­der news, a pleased Hope re­in­forces her sup­port for a Liam and St­effy re­union. Liam, how­ever, ap­pears trou­bled by a resur­gence of his feel­ings for Hope and con­fides his prob­lems in Wy­att (Darin Brooks).

Across town, Bill (Don Diamont), the other ma­jor threat to Liam and St­effy’s hap­pi­ness, is mak­ing his feel­ings about the sit­u­a­tion clear. Pleased to hear from Wy­att that St­effy is hav­ing a girl, Bill seethes to learn that Hope is back in town.

“St­effy bet­ter watch her back,”

Bill says, omi­nously, adding that he doesn’t want Hope to in­ter­fere in his son’s mar­riage. Wy­att, how­ever, doesn’t be­lieve his fa­ther, ac­cus­ing Bill of want­ing Hope to be a threat so he can have St­effy for him­self.

For once, Ridge shares his en­emy’s sen­ti­ments, warn­ing St­effy to be aware of Hope spend­ing time with Liam.

Tak­ing her fa­ther’s ad­vice, St­effy is in­stantly on guard when Hope ques­tions her again about her fling with Bill. Ir­ri­tated at the in­ter­ro­ga­tion, St­effy de­mands that Hope ad­mits she wants Liam, but Hope again de­nies the as­ser­tion. Dis­pleased, St­effy or­ders Hope to re­spect her mar­riage, but Hope wres­tles with her feel­ings as she has lunch with Liam, marvel­ling at be­ing able to help him over­come his heartache.

Later, their bond deep­ens when Liam ad­mits that, de­spite his con­fu­sion over St­effy, he can’t see stay­ing mar­ried to her. In truth, he feels at peace with Hope and the at­mos­phere is charged when they both ad­mit they’ll al­ways love each other.

Soon after, Hope ad­mits to Brooke that she’s ques­tion­ing if St­effy will do right by Liam. She says if it wasn’t for the baby, she would make a move on him, clearly sig­nalling that she can’t for­get her pas­sion for Liam.

Bill can’t for­get his pas­sion for St­effy, ei­ther, as he makes bold ad­vances to­wards her. Ar­riv­ing at St­effy’s house, Bill bluntly de­clares to St­effy, “I want you”. After rant­ing about Liam’s treat­ment of her, Bill says he wants to raise the baby with her. Sud­denly, Bill drops to one knee and asks St­effy to marry him!

Bill (Don Diamont) has a ques­tion for St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood).


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