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What was meant to be Alf’s great fam­ily re­union is turn­ing into the year from hell for the Ste­wart fam­ily, on Home and Away.

The Ste­wart fam­ily are the corner­stone of the Sum­mer Bay com­mu­nity, with the ever-loyal Alf as the pa­tri­arch the com­mu­nity turns to in times of need.

This year looked set to be the year that Alf (Ray Meagher) would fi­nally have all the gen­er­a­tions of his fam­ily all around him, now that Quinn (Lara Cox) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) are in town.

But that wish to be close to his clan is fast turn­ing into a night­mare, as he has all but de­stroyed his re­la­tion­ship with his beloved daugh­ter Roo (Ge­orgie Parker).

Alf thought he was do­ing the right thing by con­fess­ing to Roo that her mother Martha did not drown 30 years ago, as Roo had al­ways been told, but is still alive.

By fi­nally con­fess­ing the truth about this long-held lie, Alf has un­leashed a num­ber of demons from his past that he has worked over­time to hide.

As the truth is now out and de­mand­ing to be dealt with, there is noth­ing Alf can do about it.

That is what is about to come crash­ing down on Alf in up­com­ing episodes of Home and Away.

“Alf’s stress lev­els are about to sky­rocket.”

Roo has fled town and is dig­ging for the truth about her fam­ily’s trou­bled past. She has a lead as to where her mother could be hid­ing out and is deter­mined to get to the bot­tom of the hid­den saga about why her mother ran away from Sum­mer Bay years ago, and why she never made con­tact again.

Alf knows that once Roo goes dig­ging for the truth, she may not like all that she finds – and he may not like those de­tails be­ing ex­posed, ei­ther.

For ev­ery re­la­tion­ship, there are two sides of the story. What ac­tu­ally hap­pened dur­ing the mar­riage of Alf and Martha is a secret he has done his best to keep from oth­ers.

In those early years, when he and Martha were to­gether and Roo was just a young girl, Alf was a very dif­fer­ent man to the one the town knows to­day. He was still suf­fer­ing from the ef­fects of PTSD from his time of ser­vice in the Viet­nam War, and had a tem­per he eas­ily – and read­ily – lost.

There is a whole lot of shame he has hid­den away about those sad years and with­out Martha be­ing around, he has never had to con­front it. Un­til now.

Alf knows what Roo is like when her mind is made up and he’s cer­tain she will not come back un­til she has found what she is look­ing for. He also knows that Roo is look­ing in all the right places to find Martha and bring her back to Sum­mer Bay for the fam­ily to con­front what went wrong all those years ago.

With Martha al­most cer­tain to re­turn, the sit­u­a­tion will un­leash a dra­matic con­fronta­tion with Alf from which he won’t be able to es­cape. He has been hid­ing from this truth for 30 years and will soon find this time is up.

Alf will also be forced to con­front the dam­age he has done to his re­la­tion­ship with Roo and will won­der if he can ever re­pair the hurt he has caused her. For a man who has bat­tled se­ri­ous health is­sues in re­cent years, Alf’s stress lev­els are about to sky­rocket. This is some­thing all his friends will watch with se­ri­ous con­cern, as they see him pushed to break­ing point.

Alf (Ray Meagher) thought he was do­ing the best thing for Roo. Alf now has to con­front his shame­ful past.

Roo (Ge­orgie Parker) is shat­tered by the lies she has been told.

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