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Jane Harris makes her way back to Ram­say Street to un­cover a secret from the past, on Neigh­bours.

There’s some­thing about num­ber 32 Ram­say Street, and Jane Harris is deter­mined to find out what it is. Jane (Annie Jones) moved away from Erins­bor­ough al­most 30 years, but her re­turn in the com­ing weeks on Neigh­bours is wel­comed as a great home­com­ing for the once-beloved sweet­heart of Ram­say Street.

But the sweet Jane of years ago is now older, wiser and a dif­fer­ent woman. After be­ing a carer to her grand­mother Mrs. Man­gel for two decades, Jane has as­sumed many of Nell’s worst qual­i­ties. She’s a gos­sip, she’s judg­men­tal and doesn’t ap­prove of just about any­thing!

When Jane re­turns to Ram­say Street, she is a woman on a mis­sion. There’s some­thing in­side 32 Ram­say Street that was left be­hind years ago, and Jane is deter­mined to re­trieve it!

“This is all about un­fin­ished busi­ness,” Annie tells TV SOAP. “She’s got un­fin­ished busi­ness on be­half of Mrs. Man­gel, who is still liv­ing in the UK, and Jane has been sent back with a very clear agenda. She’s back for some­thing and won’t be leav­ing town un­til she gets it!

“The prob­lem with that, of course, is that there have been many dif­fer­ent fam­i­lies who lived in that house since the days Nell Man­gel and her fam­ily lived there.

“So Jane’s very in­ter­ested in what ren­o­va­tions have been done and what has changed since then. Jane is search­ing for some­thing.”

Also, it doesn’t take long for Jane to re­veal how the many years of liv­ing with her grand­mother have rubbed off on her – in the worst pos­si­ble

ways. Within days of ar­riv­ing back, Jane’s be­hav­iour re­veals she is like a next-gen­er­a­tion Mrs. Man­gel!

“In a num­ber of ways, she’s re­gressed from the bright young woman she was and has taken on a lot of Mrs. Man­gel’s qual­i­ties,” Annie ex­plains.

“A lot of Mrs. Man­gel’s at­ti­tudes and be­liefs are now hers, and Jane is not afraid to share her views on ev­ery­thing. Not that peo­ple usu­ally want to hear her point of view, but Jane is happy to have her say, on just about ev­ery­thing!”

The one per­son who best re­calls the beau­ti­ful young woman Jane was in those days is Paul Robin­son (Ste­fan Dennis). Back then, the two char­ac­ters were worlds apart – Jane was the shy young woman, while Paul was the power-hun­gry stud ready to bed any woman who caught his eye.

When they meet again, how­ever, a new con­nec­tion is made that goes way be­yond the mem­o­ries they share of a very dif­fer­ent Ram­say Street.

“That was long ago, and things were so dif­fer­ent, as Paul was al­ways the boss and, of course, he was mar­ried then to the lovely Gail (Fiona Corke),” Annie re­calls. “But things are dif­fer­ent now and they’re at dif­fer­ent stages of their lives. There is a con­nec­tion there, as they both share a won­der­ful past.”

In the mean­time, Jane knows she needs to be­friend Shane (Nicholas Cogh­lan) and Dipi (Sharon Jo­hal) to get in­side their house and find out what has changed and to un­cover the secret she knows their four walls are hid­ing.

“Jane’s be­hav­iour re­veals she is like a next-gen­er­a­tion Mrs. Man­gel!”

Jane (Annie Jones) dis­ap­proves of a lot of things. Jane is in­ter­ested in every­one’s busi­ness.

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