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When Har­row and Dass em­bark on a pas­sion­ate af­fair, he thinks it will put her off solv­ing the mur­der case that could ruin him.

“Har­row won­ders if their sexy re­la­tion­ship will be enough to de­flect Dass’s at­ten­tion and ques­tion­ing.”

Just how far will Daniel Har­row go to en­sure that a mur­der mys­tery, which he has worked hard to cover up, re­mains dead and buried?

Is Daniel the kind of man to sleep with a co-worker he is crazily at­tracted to in an ef­fort to con­ceal his in­volve­ment in a messy mur­der case?

That’s the shock­ing turn of events in up­com­ing episodes of Har­row, as the sparks be­tween Dr. Daniel Har­row (Ioan Gruf­fudd) and his gor­geous col­league, Sergeant Soroya Dass (Mir­rah Foulkes) erupt into a siz­zling af­fair.

While there has def­i­nitely been a mu­tual at­trac­tion all along be­tween Har­row and Soroya, it has be­come in­creas­ingly com­pli­cated since the pair be­gan work­ing on the case of the body dredged up from the Bris­bane River.

Har­row has done ev­ery­thing to dis­suade Dass and Lyle Fair­ley (Dar­ren Gil­shenan) from do­ing their jobs to in­ves­ti­gate the cir­cum­stances of the mys­te­ri­ous, washed-up body.

But with each new clue Dass man­ages to un­cover, and her at­tempts to solve the rid­dle of the messy mur­der case, Har­row’s fear fac­tor rises. He knows when she puts enough pieces to­gether, they are cer­tain to add up to in­crim­i­nate him.

Daniel has been on the run from this case for ages and he’s des­per­ate to put it be­hind him, hop­ing it will all go away. But now that ev­ery­thing has come to the sur­face, it looks like his time is run­ning out.

When Dass man­ages to un­cover some new clues about miss­ing man Robert Quinn, she re­alises the strong con­nec­tion be­tween Daniel and Quinn – and Daniel can barely con­tain the fact that their con­nec­tion was never good. As Quinn was his former wife’s hus­band, there was no love lost be­tween them. What added to Daniel’s dis­like was that his beloved daugh­ter Fern (Ella New­ton) ab­so­lutely hated her step­fa­ther.

When Dass ques­tions Daniel about Quinn’s dis­ap­pear­ance, the doc knows she is one step closer to ex­pos­ing him.

She asks all the right ques­tions and with ev­ery one, Daniel gets a hor­ri­ble sink­ing feel­ing that the game is up and the truth will be re­vealed.

While the pas­sion be­tween them is real, not to men­tion red hot, Har­row won­ders if their sexy re­la­tion­ship will be enough to de­flect Dass’s at­ten­tion and ques­tion­ing away from him so as to suc­cess­fully ob­scure his in­volve­ment.

Dass is deter­mined to solve this case once and for all. But when a new se­ries of events shed even more sur­pris­ing light on what hap­pened, she can’t help but won­der about the real ex­tent of Daniel’s knowl­edge on the mat­ter.

As she takes a new look at the man she is get­ting in­ti­mate with, it looks set to change ev­ery­thing be­tween them.

What Daniel has no idea about yet, how­ever, is just how much Dass has al­ready worked out. In fact, he might be shocked to learn she is way, way ahead of him!

Soroya Dass (Mir­rah Foulkes) ques­tions Daniel Har­row (Ioan Gruf­fudd).

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