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Victoria San­dring­ham lurches from one hi­lar­i­ous dis­as­ter to an­other!

Victoria “Sando” San­dring­ham doesn’t be­lieve that dis­count fur­ni­ture and show-biz should be mu­tu­ally ex­clu­sive and that’s how the high-pow­ered CEO of Sando’s Ware­house is deter­mined to live her life.

Un­for­tu­nately for Sando (Sacha Horler), liv­ing her best life doesn’t al­ways lead to the best out­comes.

After she’s sprung in the bed­room depart­ment with a killer hang­over and a hand­some em­ployee, her life spins chaot­i­cally – and hi­lar­i­ously – out of con­trol.

Sando now finds her­self des­ti­tute, as the ABC’s new com­edy se­ries Sando kicks off. How­ever, noth­ing can keep the queen of dis­count fur­ni­ture down for long and Sando quickly hatches a plan.

She knows it was her out­ra­geous TV com­mer­cials, fea­tur­ing her fam­ily, which put Sando’s Ware­house on the map. Con­se­quently, she fig­ures that if she can re­cap­ture that spark within her clan, she will be able to save the busi­ness from the evil clutches of arch-neme­sis Tony (Rob Carl­ton), and sail off into the sun­set... or some­thing like that.

There’s just one lit­tle prob­lem; she’s been ex­com­mu­ni­cated ever since a scan­dal in­volv­ing Kevin

“The mother-daugh­ter re­la­tion­ship needs a bit of work. Ac­tu­ally, it needs a whole lot of work.”

(Fi­rass Di­rani), who was – at the time – the fi­ancée of her daugh­ter Susie (Krew Boy­lan). That scan­dal in­volved Sando find­ing her­self preg­nant and an­nounc­ing it on her daugh­ter’s wed­ding day!

Now that she is broke and out of luck, Sando needs her fam­ily more than ever, but as ac­tress Sacha Horler tells Soap World, Sando is go­ing to have to work hard if she wants to put things right.

“Sando’s big­gest chal­lenge is to re­pair the se­ri­ous dam­age she has done to her fam­ily,” Horler re­veals. “The most im­por­tant per­son in Sando’s life is her beau­ti­ful daugh­ter Susie, but she’s def­i­nitely lost her way. The mother-daugh­ter re­la­tion­ship needs a bit of work. Ac­tu­ally, it needs a whole lot of work.”

How­ever Sando isn’t the only prob­lem­atic mem­ber of the San­dring­ham clan. Susie can barely find the time to ever for­give her mother, let alone wel­come her back into her life, when Sando shows up un­ex­pect­edly on her doorstep!

While Susie is try­ing to help her hus­band Gary (Uli Latukefu) through his own range of bizarre demons, Susie’s dad Don (Phil Lloyd) is se­cretly in­dulging in a wild af­fair with her bestie and live-in life-coach Nicky (Adele Vuko) – all be­hind Susie’s back. And as if things weren’t messy enough, when Sando ar­rives back in her life, Susie’s forced to deal with her ex Kevin, who de­vel­ops an in­stant bro­mance with the tor­tured Gary.

The last thing Susie needs is her wheel­ing deal­ing mum back in the pic­ture, but Sando is deter­mined to go to any lengths to re­build bro­ken fam­ily bonds. So, she sets out to black­mail Don and Nicky to sup­port her, us­ing the star-crossed lovers for­bid­den af­fair as lever­age, to con­vince her daugh­ter to let her stay.

But Susie is no fool and, deter­mined to shake her mum loose, de­mands that she prove her good in­ten­tions by go­ing through hyp­nother­apy. When things turn from bad to even worse for Susie, she is forced to ad­mit she might need her mum to sort out their twisted fam­ily life, after all.

Just as ev­ery­thing seems to be on track, Sando’s knack for mess­ing things up comes back to bite her. She man­ages to de­rail Don’s new ca­reer move not to men­tion her own plan to save the fam­ily busi­ness from be­ing stolen from all of them by the evil Tony!

It’s a race against time as the two stage a dar­ing es­cape and Sando ul­ti­mately faces a wrench­ing choice: help Don achieve his dream, or put her busi­ness first, again?


Sando (Sacha Horler) be­lieves she is des­tined for suc­cess.

Susie’s (Krew Boy­lan) wed­ding is a com­plete dis­as­ter.

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