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Steffy can only hope and pray that once she can ex­on­er­ate her es­tranged hus­band as Bill’s hit­man, Liam will pro­fess his undy­ing love for their un­born baby girl. ButHow­ever, two big ob­sta­cles -- Hope and Bill -- stand in her way. Wor­ry­ing about Hope’s ris­ing in­flu­ence and her mo­tives for be­friend­ing Liam, Steffy can’t know that schem­ing Bill is the more im­me­di­ate threat to her hap­pi­ness.

Con­fronting his son over sup­pos­edly shoot­ing him, Bill (Don Di­a­mont) coldly and bluntly of­fers Liam (Scott Clifton) a crude deal. He’ll gladly save Liam from pros­e­cu­tion if he agrees to end his mar­riage and let Bill have Steffy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood)! Out­raged that his fa­ther is bar­gain­ing his freedom for his wife, Liam bel­lows his re­fusal… but Bill taunts that he and Steffy hooked up once and they’ll do it again!

Luck­ily, Liam’s con­fes­sion about be­ing Bill’s gun­man clues in Steffy to the threat Bill poses, but once she’s dis­cov­ered who re­ally shot Bill and why, she rushes to calm him down and as­sauge his guilt. He strug­gles to take it in but Steffy con­vinces him, leav­ing her

par­tially re­lieved to think he could soon be all hers again! She just has two other nag­ging prob­lems to han­dle. Choos­ing to ig­nore Bill’s of­fer to be with him, thoughts of Hope (An­nika Noelle) in­trud­ing on her hap­pi­ness are again up­per­most in Steffy’s mind...

Know­ing she has to force the is­sue, Steffy presents Liam with signed an­nul­ment papers, of­fer­ing him the choice of sign­ing and fil­ing them – or tear­ing them up and com­ing back to her. Wait­ing for Liam’s big de­ci­sion, Stefy uses her preg­nancy to steer him in the right di­rec­tion! With her next ul­tra­sound due, Steffy in­vites Liam to at­tend and she’s hope­ful of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion when a sud­den prob­lem with the baby de­vel­ops! Cling­ing to each other, the cou­ple fret that the baby has died in utero… and, after the mis­car­riage scare passes, Steffy uses Liam’s pa­ter­nal bond with his child to get un­der his skin. He ex­presses ten­der feel­ings for her but as a con­fronta­tion over his hasty new liv­ing ar­range­ments with Hope erupts, Liam pulls away from his wife, say­ing he just can’t for­give her be­trayal of him. With Liam on the verge of end­ing his mar­riage, Bill un­leashes some ma­li­cious “en­cour­age­ment” to en­sure his son deserts his wife.

Hand­ing Steffy own­er­ship of his beach house, Bill then uses Wy­att (Darin Brooks) as an un­sus­pect­ing pawn in a plan to con­vince ev­ery­one that he and Steffy are still hav­ing an af­fair. Play­ing into his fa­ther’s hands, Wy­att spies rem­nants of Bill and Steffy’s faked ro­man­tic date and di­vulges all to Liam – who ends his mar­riage!

With no idea she’s be­ing framed, Steffy’s an emo­tional wreck and can’t con­tem­plate Bill’s of­fer to run away with him. She’s more dis­traught to learn about Liam’s new en­gage­ment to Hope and, in a last-ditch bid at keep­ing her man, begs him not to marry Hope! She pleads with him to de­lay the wed­ding for their baby’s sake. Steffy says she needs the se­cu­rity of know­ing that Liam is com­mit­ted to her un­til after their baby is born. She’s pri­vately hop­ing, though, that once Liam has wel­comed his daugh­ter into the world, he’ll be com­pelled to stay with her and Hope will be but a dis­tant mem­ory...

A scare unites Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) briefly.

Saucy minx Steffy can twirl her hair all she wants, but the good ship Liam has set sail al­ready!

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