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Toadie’s in for the shock of his life on Neigh­bours when An­drea con­fesses her iden­tity... and her love!

Not con­tent with hav­ing turned Toadie’s life up­side down over the past 18 months, An­drea Somers now drops a whole new bomb­shell – she is Dee af­ter all!

In up­com­ing episodes of Neigh­bours, An­drea (Madeleine West) fi­nally comes clean and con­fesses to Toadie (Ryan Moloney) that she is in­deed Dee, and never stopped lov­ing him!

A dis­traught Toadie has no idea what to think any­more! This is the sec­ond time An­drea has done this to him, but while he was over­joyed last time, this time he ap­proaches her wild con­fes­sion with wise cau­tion.

An­drea has been com­mit­ted to a psy­chi­atric hospi­tal in Ho­bart. She’s heav­ily med­i­cated and seems to be liv­ing in an imag­i­nary world! When Toadie and Sonya (Eve Morey) head with Willow (Mieke Billing-Smith) to the hospi­tal to check in on An­drea, they’re shocked at her ap­pear­ance. An­drea’s dis­tressed and, when she sees Willow, re­acts badly and has to be re­minded this is her daugh­ter! An­drea breaks Willow’s heart even more when she an­nounces she has no idea who the young woman is!

How­ever, all that changes the mo­ment she sets eyes on Toadie. An­drea sud­denly be­comes calm and set­tled, and her face lights up at the sight of him. She af­fec­tion­ately takes Toadie into her arms and hangs on to him, not want­ing to let go! Toadie is con­fused by her be­hav­iour, as she can only recog­nise him and no-one else. When she be­gins speak­ing clearly and co­her­ently, An­drea’s dra­matic

change in be­hav­iour con­tin­ues to stun all those watch­ing.

It’s when she seems at her most lu­cid that An­drea leans in to Toadie and says she has some­thing im­por­tant to tell him. “I’m not An­drea,” she says. “I’m ac­tu­ally Dee, I’m your wife. Toadie, I never stopped lov­ing you.”

Woah! Toadie is so dis­tressed by her words that he breaks free of her clutches! Af­ter every­thing An­drea has done to him over the past 18 months, turn­ing his life up­side down and al­most ru­in­ing his mar­riage to Sonya, he will not let An­drea do this all over again!

But the in­tent look on An­drea’s face as she stares at Toadie al­most tears him apart. It’s the very same way Dee used to look at him all those years ago, and it’s both chill­ing and haunt­ing to ex­pe­ri­ence these feel­ings all over again.

Watch­ing on as all this un­folds is Sonya, and she’s not buy­ing any of An­drea’s per­for­mance. Hav­ing had this woman de­stroy her mar­riage once be­fore, Sonya de­cides she’s not about to al­low it to hap­pen all over again.

As the drama un­folds around her, a cool Sonya an­nounces it would be best for ev­ery­one if An­drea was brought out of her cur­rent psy­chosis and fi­nally made to con­front the may­hem she’s caused in all their lives! Sonya says she wants An­drea to stop this cha­rade, ad­mit she is not Dee and pay back the money she owes them.

Her words cut through the chaos like a knife. To some, it might sound cold and cal­lous, but Sonya knows ex­actly what she is do­ing. An­drea’s a sneaky game player, so Sonya de­cides if she wants to act the goat, she will set the rules that An­drea will have to fol­low.

This time around, An­drea might just have met her match in a strong and far wiser Sonya – if only An­drea wasn’t al­ready one step ahead of the lot of them!

What the? Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and An­drea/Dee (Madeleine West). NEIGH­BOURS WEEKNIGHTS AT 6.30PM ON ELEVEN


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